Pioneering designer brands shaping India’s premium and luxury sustainable luxury market 

Sustainable fashion is no longer simply a trend but a way of life that the millennials and Gen Z are adopting at a fast pace. When it comes to the designers in sustainable fashion in the Indian sector, there are some prominent names like Rahul Misra, Pero by Aneeth Arora and Ka-sha by Karishma Shahani that are making waves globally in international fashion weeks. While other brands like Doodlage, Jodi, No Nasties and few other are emerging as strong designer labels that work with concepts like upcycling from textile waste, working with local artisans and craftsmen who handweave and hand craft the textile and fashion garments.

These notable and pioneering designers are at the forefront of the fashion design economy in India who are leading a monumental shift in the Indian design economy setup with their luxe, authentic, sustainable, and eco-friendly design that come with an Indian connect.

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Pero by Aneeth Arora – A high end designer label dwelling deep into sustainable luxury

Pero by Aneeth Arora is known for their ethical fashion, reviving traditional craftsmanship, with a clearly distinctive style that comes with a sense of timeless elegance and rich heritage of India represented via the intricate detailing and artistic ingenuity. The brand makes use of rich traditional Indian textiles, handcrafts to blend with contemporary aesthesis while preserving heritage crafts.

The brand has:

– Showcased its collections at Paris Fashion Week
– Sells at esteemed designers stores across Europe
– Cross-cultural recognition, garnering admiration, and accolades from global and internationally acclaimed fashion enthusiasts.

Rahul Misra – A high end designer label dwelling deep into sustainable luxury

Known to be the architect of sustainable luxury in India represented to the global audience, Rahul Misra is a distinguished Indian sustainable designer who has a global footprint. His label is known for its refined craftsmanship, innovative design, and sustainable practises.

The brand has:

– Showcased at Paris Fashion Week along with other international platforms many a times
– One of the first Indian designers’ labels to win the prestigious and esteemed International Woolmark Prize.
– Won Elle Décor International Design Award and Vogue India Fashion Fund Award

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Ka-sha – A premium to luxury label in sustainable sector

When we speak of sustainable luxury, Ka-Sha by Karishma Shahani is a true testament to ethical craftsmanship and creative agility. The brand has carved its own niche in the Indian luxury market with their meticulous craftsmanship’s, pioneering designs, and sustainable practices. The brand holds a strong commitment to environmental and social responsibility while they seamlessly merge the rich Indian heritage with contemporary design sensibilities.

The brand has:

– Been a finalist in the prestigious Woolmark Prize, that showcase its innovative use of materials and techniques.
– Showcased at prominent fashion weeks to gain global recognition for blending tradition with modern aesthesis.
– Featured in magazines like Vogue, Elle, Harpers and others.

Vaishali S – A premium to luxury label in sustainable sector

A trailblazer in the Indian designer community, Vaishali S is a name that reminds us of everything artistic and handwoven textiles. She as a designer has captivated the audience with her brand that stands as a sustainable champion brand in fashion sector promoting traditional craftsmanship rooted deep in Indian heritage. Taking inspiration from Indian rich cultural and folklore heritage, her pieces are crafted with age-old techniques to become timeless and elegant ensembles.

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Focusing on environmentally conscious practise, the designer label has become a beacon of sustainable practise.

Premium labels:


Blending the Indian traditional stamp work with modern design aesthetics, Jodi’s creations are worn across the country by many celebrities and influencers. One of them being Sonam Kapoor who is often spotted in a Jodi outfit.

The brand works with traditional Indian handloom textile with modern Indian touch of its natural dyes, innovative upcycling techniques and more to help redefine the fashion sector in India and bring in a positive change. They are known for their conscious use of materials, support to local craftsman and artisans, ethical production cycles and processes and placing values in traditional skills while promoting fair trade. Bringing in a harmonious balance with style and responsibility.

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This homegrown brand is known for their upcycling efforts and crafting sustainability in a brand-new form inspiring many others.  The brand has etched its mark on the Indian fashion landscape by taking in discarded manufacturing waste and transforming them into uber cool wearable art pieces. The brand is not just innovative but also committed to sustainability.

Rescuing discarded textile waste and materials to give it a new life, they are deep diving in the circular economy in the fashion realm where it is much needed and being environmentally and socially responsible. Each of their garment is an upcycled product that has fashion-forward aesthesis and represents and eco-friendly ethos.

In the world of fast fashion, these designer labels are just a few examples of the trailblazers and innovator who are here to stay and disrupt the industry to make sustainable fashion and handcrafted goods a true fashion statement. As they continue to receive global recognition the shift towards a more ethical industry is becomes more prominent.

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Author: Mankiran