Global digital sports media brands to work for

Digital sports sector has become a thriving ecosystem and the digital sports media brands are the one to revolutionize the way sports content is consumed. Several global brands are offering existing opportunities today to young sports professionals and management graduates to join the sports media sector, leverage the technology and engage millions of fans at a global scale.

There are many start-ups today that are focusing their energy to build a unique sports digital media brand. From existing traditional global brands like ESPN, Star Sports to national brand like DD Sports, all of them now have a presence online. Sports media brands cover major events, produce captivating content and stories. These brands have become a platform to showcase sports talent, showcase exciting storytelling techniques and contribute to the ever-evolving landscape of sports media journalism.

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As the technology continues to push the sector towards innovation and disruption, in this digital era here are some brands that are shaping the sports media sector:

Global digital sports media brands covering a variety of sports:

The Score

Founded in 2012 in Toronto, Canada, The Score is a mobile first sports news platform that connects fans to sports via combination of real time news, live scores and all fantasy sports information, plus alerts.

Content on the Score is designed and produced to be mobile friendly. It is curated to be mobile optimized, comprehensive and easy-to-share to social networks. The app is a fine mix of a social network and news source. One of their key features on the application is called Feed which combines sports game data, fantasy leagues data and all its editorial content in a single view.


Founded in 2008 in Hong Kong, China, 365Scores is an app-based aggregator and provider of personalized sports news. They cover news on football, basketball, tennis, baseball, handball, volleyball, rugby, cricket, and hockey.

It is a comprehensive and prominent platform for sports enthusiasts. They offer their users to create their own personalized sports channels on the application. With real-time updates and interactive features, they deliver a dynamic and immersive experience, catering to the diverse interests of sports lovers worldwide.

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Founded in 2009, in Bangalore, India, Sportskeeda is an online platform offering multi-sports news. The brand offers sports news under various categories of sports like cricket, football, tennis, basketball, F1, hockey, MMA, golf, wrestling, badminton and more.

They have a vibrant app with engaging content that has news, videos, and key features of the week/month. It has analysis of gaming events and a variety of sports catered to helps them to capture a wide range of audience with diverse sporting interests. They work towards fan-driven content and allow their users to express their opinions, share predictions and partake in polls.

If you aim to work for digital media brands working on specific sports here are some brands to keep in mind:

One Championship

This is a one stop sports media platform for all news related to combat sports.
Founded in 2011 based in Singapore, they are backed by Qatar Investment Authority, Guggenheim Investments, Sequoia Capital, and few more investors. It provides information, news, and awareness on the current trends, matches and events on kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA and more. It also offers users a range of news, videos, and events information on martial arts games. One Championships hosts Asian mixed martial artists and world champions on the media broadcast.

You can view the broadcast on various platforms and on your devices like – free-to-air TV, digital, social, TV, and more. Their application is available globally for Android and iOS devices.

One Football

Founded in 2008 in Berlin, Germany, One Football is a channel who’s core focus in soccer. Backed by Liberty City Ventures, Animoca Brands and other investors, this platform is all things football under one digital roof.

The application is a user-friendly space that provides real-time scores, highlights, and analysis of various games, events, and leagues from around the world. Users can follow their favourite team on the application while the app delivers to them comprehensive coverage, keeping fans connected and immersed in the football game.

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Kabaddi Adda

Founded in 2017, India, the brand is focused to deliver news related to the fine sport of Kabaddi. They offer a wide range of offerings that includes news, match updates, video on interviews with teams and players, analytics, and tournament coverage.

They work to bring fans closer to the art and sport of Kabaddi with in-depth data analysis of the players stats and engage their audience with live and interactive content.

Working for these digital sports media brands will bring you to the forefront of the sports world and engage you in the excitement and emotions of the sports.

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Wanting to join one of these brands in anything from sports journalism, video production, social media management, data analytics and management, sponsorships, and partnerships, to marketing or content management?

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Author: Mankiran