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Our curated programmes are carefully designed with international opportunities for students and learning opportunities from sectors best professional’s

Advantages of pursuing your MBA with ESG:


a. Dual certificate programme

I. Certificate from MBA ESG, Paris

II. MBA degree from Ajeenkya DY Patil University


b. Pragmatic pedagogy – Learning by doing approach towards:

  • problem and enquiry-based learning
  • experiential learning
  • applied learning with live projects
  • gamification learning


c. Global learning with two-week Paris visit for enhancing experiential learning


d. Guest lectures, masterclasses and workshops with Industry leaders, entrepreneurs and c-level executives.


e. Programmes designed, vetted and crafted sectoral professionals of French academics and experts. This includes our signature courses like:

  • Indian Sports Management Activities
  • Sport Management and Diplomacy
  • Global Financial Markets, Instruments & Portfolio Management
  • Managing Across Borders – A Cross- Cultural Perspective
  • Consumer Behaviour Analytics
  • Data Visualization & Storytelling for E-Commerce Platform


f. Up to 20% of the total faculty is a mix of French faculty and sectoral experts flying in from Paris.


g. Placements come through the on-the-job-learning route, based on students’ performance. We encourage on-the-job learning – that comes via continues student internships process.

Industry focused
Dual certification
Imparting innovative
management practices
Reputed Indian &
International faculty
Immersion trips

Empowering the next generation of
global business leaders

ESG MBAs are a selected wide range of specialized training programmes developed keeping in mind the industry need and trends. Our MBA programmes are:

Agile and flexible modes of learning and training

Industry adaptive and project-based learning

The MBAESG Paris Advantage – Global immersion visit to Paris to learn from global experts

International pedagogy and global experts as faculty

Sports Management

  • With India emerging as the hub for professional sports, both traditional and non-traditional, there is a growing demand for quality, talented sports management professionals to manage players and the business surrounding it.
  • Our MBA Sports Management program focuses on the professionalization of individuals who are passionate about sports.
  • Our student first philosophy is reflected in our international pedagogy where students are encouraged to implement projects and build a network with the stakeholders in the sports industry as a part of their training.


The program challenges students to act wisely, gain insights into the sport of today and tomorrow, and understand the strategic stakes in the world of sports. In addition to industry specific skills, the MBA programmes builds an overall professional personality with required soft skills that are aimed to make our students successful in their career paths.

MBA E-commerce, logistics
and supply chain

Both buyers and logisticians are at the heart of the company’s strategy. Some participate in the minimization of costs and risks; others organize the supply chain. Both manage information flows and provide added value that allows the company to stand out from the competition. Their role has increased with the advent of e-commerce platforms.


  • Our MBA in E-commerce, logistics and Supply Chain management trains in this culture of cross-functional cooperation.
  • Its objective is to teach you how to design intelligent organizations, performance measurement systems to facilitate supply and production operations and to optimize the service provided to the end customer.
  • You will learn:
    • to identify, plan and manage logistics operations
    • the tools to build successful e-commerce platforms.

International Business

  • In a world of Metaverse, 5G and IoT – it has become essential for SMEs to large organizations to develop an international market strategy. Since each country has its own culture, political landscape, and policies – organizations across globe need professionals who come skilled with expert subject matter expertise in international trade solutions.
  • Our MBA in International Business programme has its core focus to build a professional that can identify and analyse various markets, suggest and implement growth and development plans. They are empowered with soft skills that are a vital component in holding various sensitive cultural and political trade talks in intercultural management scenarios.
  • Our programme will train you to:
    • design international strategic partnership plan
    • monitor the international market context with respect to the company’s scope
    • develop a company’s international commercial expansion strategy in international market segment
    • set up business abord
    • design international alliances and partnerships
    • modelmanage a team of sales force personal

Data Science and
Artificial Intelligence

With Data Science and Artificial Intelligence taking over the global business setups by joining forces, this area has become a specialized stream of knowledge that enables brands to stand out in the market and capture new customer base. Brands are now able to offer micro-personalized and quality experiences to customers. This calls out for new skill development for managerial professionals.


  • Our MBA in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence is designed to make the knowledge accessible to non-specialists and empower specialists to broaden their range of skills in the technology sector.
  • The course core has a trifecta offering of engaging students in scientific learning, tech knowledge further strengthened with managerial projects. This trifecta makes it a specialized programme where students are immersed in necessary skills to become leading experts and professionals in the fields of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

All ESG specialized programmes offer


Global Immersion with Educational visit to Paris

100% Placements*

Students land a job within the
first 3 months of completing
their graduation
*T&C apply.

Global Alumni

Network of


Each specialized programme offers a unique set of learning, skill set and training. Our unique pedagogy also ensure that all students across the variety of programmes also learn certain key skills of management:


  • Demonstrate knowledge of business management theories and global practices to solve real-time business problems
  • Critical thinking abilities for data-based decision-making and ability to develop value-based leadership, in the respective domains and sectors.
  • Apply marketing tools to achieve market leadership position of corporate products, services and organizations
  • Exhibit an aptitude to understand, analyse and communicate global, economic, legal and ethical aspects of businesses in relevant sectors.

Learn to plan ahead and take action

  • Self-management or how to manage yourself
  • Become a responsible manager and citizen
  • Working with diverse peers and mentors learning behavioural soft skills
  • Managing others, managing differences and working with small to big teams