Data driven business transformations.

Duration: 2 years
Campus: Pune
Prerequisites: Bachelor’s degree
End of registrations: September 2023
Start date: 4 Sep. 2023
Data driven business transformations.

Duration: 2 years
Campus: Pune
Prerequisites: Bachelor’s degree
End of registrations: September 2023
Start date: 4 Sep. 2023

With Data Science and Artificial Intelligence taking over the global business setups by joining forces, this area has become a specialized stream of knowledge that enables brands to stand out in the market and capture new customer base. Brands are now able to offer micro-personalized and quality experiences to customers. This calls out for new skill development for managerial professionals.


Our MBA in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence is designed to make the knowledge accessible to non-specialists and empower specialists to broaden their range of skills in the technology sector. The course core has a trifecta offering of engaging students in scientific learning, tech knowledge further strengthened with managerial projects. This trifecta makes it a specialized programme where students are immersed in necessary skills to become leading experts and professionals in the fields of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

Programme highlights


Multidisciplinary program covering a very wide spectrum of tools, techniques, knowledge and skills applied to Data science and AI systems


Course design

  • Training designed, developed, and organized in close collaboration with the industry.
  • Courses taught by professionals from different sectors of industrial application of AI
  • Experimental pedagogy, with studies linked to real industrial situations.
  • Series of professional conferences led by experts.



  • Preparation for international certifications from PMI (Project Management Institute) and DELL EMC.
  • Implementation of teaching within the framework of professional projects in companies.



  • Up to 20% teaching via international Faculty.
  • MBAESG Paris Advantage – 15 days educational visit to Paris to understand and experience French industry and culture.

Scope of the programme

  • Data science has joined forces with Artificial Intelligence to enable companies to stand out in their markets.
  • Data science market trends show that the data science platforms market was valued at USD 96.3 billion in 2022, and it is expected to reach around USD 378.7 billion by 2030, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.43% from 2023 to 2030.
  • Due to the increasing demand for data science professionals, the job opportunities in the field are abundant.
  • This MBA is designed to make Data science and Artificial Intelligence accessible to non-specialists and allow specialists to broaden their range of skills.
  • It offers a foundation of scientific, technological, and managerial knowledge essential to succeed in the business world.

Who should apply and Eligibility

Who should apply?
Are you a solution-oriented person who loves to work with data to find answers?
Do you have an aptitude for numbers and management?
This course is apt for you if you are interested in technology transforming our lives. Apply for this niche MBA programme if you daily routine involves reading about how brands are using the power of AI and Data science to transform their business functions.



  • We believe in your passion for the sector and your career goals.
  • Graduate from all streams are encouraged to apply for this courses.

Check the admission process here.

Why MBA Data Science and Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science may seem technical and engineering-based profiles however in our dynamic world today, their application in everyday business strategy decision has become rather imperative and need of the hour. For this, there is growing need of experts in management and executive profiles who come with the know-how of how Artificial Intelligence can help to automate a level of human activities, so the focus is on core strategy and efficiency increase in the workplace.


Data Science is one aspect that is vital to solve complex problems. It helps to understand large data into small parts and further aids to make sense of the data behaviours, trends and more.


The need today for businesses is to have executives who work with these leading technologies to handle large quantities of data to help with network management, intelligent decision- making, analyse, reason, plan, and act in accordance with optimizing results. Future networks are expected to have the ability to autonomously think, learn, remember, and adapt to changing conditions to achieve end-to-end goals and objectives.

Why MBAESG for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence?

a. Dual certificate programme

I. Certificate from MBA ESG, Paris

II. MBA degree from Ajeenkya DY Patil University


b. Pragmatic pedagogy – Learning by doing approach towards:

  • problem and enquiry-based learning
  • experiential learning
  • applied learning with live projects
  • gamification learning

c. Global learning with two-week Paris visit for enhancing experiential learning


d. Guest lectures, masterclasses and workshops with Industry leaders, entrepreneurs and c-level executives.


e. Programmes designed, vetted and crafted sectoral professionals of French academics and experts. This includes our signature courses like:

  • Indian Sports Management Activities
  • Sport Management and Diplomacy
  • Global Financial Markets, Instruments & Portfolio Management
  • Managing Across Borders – A Cross- Cultural Perspective
  • Consumer Behaviour Analytics
  • Data Visualization & Storytelling for E-Commerce Platform


f. Up to 20% of the total faculty is a mix of French faculty and sectoral experts flying in from Paris.


g. Placements come through the on-the-job-learning route, based on students’ performance. We encourage on-the-job learning – that comes via continues student internships process.

Industry focused
Reputed Indian &
International faculty
ESG Paris Advantage 15-day Educational visit to Paris
Dual certification
Imparting innovative management

What will you learn?

  • Understand the key issues and principles of data analytics.
  • Understand the potential and limits of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Appropriate the tools and techniques necessary for the conduct data science, analytics, and artificial intelligence projects.
  • Design and perform experiments that incorporate data science and AI learning algorithms.


Semester 1

Business Economics
Marketing Management
Organizational Behaviour
Financial Accounting
Business Statistics
Business Communication
Design Thinking
Python Programming

Semester 2

Business Law
Business Research Methods
Financial Management
Human Resource Management
Management Information System

Electives 1,2 and 3
Electives: Data Management, Excel for Business, Artificial Intelligence, Data Base management Systems (DBMS)

Semester 3

Operations Management
Project Management
Corporate Governance

Electives -4,5,6,7
Electives: Data Warehousing and Mining, Machine Learning, Programming with R, Data science Analytics, SQL for Data science – HIVE

Degree awarded, admission and fee

Degree Awarded

Students gain a dual certification post completion:

  • Certification from MBA-ESG, Paris
  • MBA degree from Ayeenkya DY Patil University
Admissions and entrance exam
  • Fill the online application.
  • Register for the required entrance exam.
  • Once selected, you will be required to sit for an interview.
  • Post selection in interview, you will be informed for submission of documents and fees.
  • Course fee is INR 10,00,000 for a period of 2 year.
  • Educational immersion trip to Paris is not included in this and required to be paid for separately.

Career Opportunities

Data Science: Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Multichannel CRM Manager, Data Privacy Officer, Product owner, Web Analyst, Master Data Manager and more


Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence Marketing Manager, Artificial Intelligence Business Manager (IA²), AI Resource Manager (Robot Coach), Artificial Intelligence Project/Program Manager and more.


With a few years of experience, you will be able to progress to Chief Data Officer (CDO), Chief Intelligence Officer (CIO).