Pursuing a career in Fashion Management with MBA-ESG

Fashion industry is a dynamic one that has many facets to it and has been an ever evolving one which combines creativity, design, and business acumen. While we may assume it’s a design-based sector, there is an increasing demand for skilled management professionals who can navigate the complex business operations of global fashion brands, upcoming emerging brands, and designer labels. Fashion management professionals are sought after to help businesses with marketing, sales, international operations, merchandising, business development and other areas.

Role of Fashion Management

It essentially bridges the gap between creativity and business. Fashion management professionals act as a bridge between the creative and business side of the industry. They oversee marketing, retail operations, supply chain, branding and strategic planning. They are subject matter experts who understand market trends, consumer preference and competitive landscape, guiding designers in creating collections that resonate with their audience.

What entails within Fashion Management

When we talk about Fashion management, it is not limited to high-street brand names but is an inclusive term that also encompasses premium brands and designer labels, furnishing lines, luxury fashion clothing, handbags, shoes, and accessories. This broad umbrella demands experts in fashion management that deal with business development, sustainability and ethical sourcing to daily operations and international market expansion.

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MBA ESG’S MBA Luxury and Fashion Management

Join the MBA ESG’s Luxury and Fashion Management course to unleash your creative and business potential. At MBA ESG, the business school believes to empower the fashion management professional with their:

Industry-relevant curriculum

ESG’s specialized program in Fashion Management is designed to meet the evolving needs of the industry. The curriculum is crafted in consultation with the industry experts, ensuring students gain practical knowledge and skills relevant to the fashion business.

Majority of faculty at MBA ESG are professional experts in the domain who take guest lectures of modules and mentor students on their live projects.

Blended learning: Practical and theoretical

This programme at ESG, Bangalore strikes a balance between theoretical concepts and hands-on learning experiences. Offering students, the opportunity to engage in real-world projects, internships, and industry collaboration, allowing them to apply their knowledge in practical setting.

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Global exposure

MBA ESG, Bangalore recognizes the impact of a global perspective is in our fashion industry. At ESG we offer students French Pedagogy, and international learning opportunities like:
– Two-week educational visit to Paris,
– International semester and student exchange opportunities,
– Up to 20% of the programme is taught by international faculty.

Industry networking and projects

MBA ESG India has established strong ties with leading fashion brands, retail companies, PR and media firms, event management bodies and brands and industry professionals. Through collaborations and partnerships with industry, guest lectures, workshops, attending and participating in key events as well as live industry projects are part of students learning. Students gain the opportunity to network and build their professional career paths while in the MBA programme at ESG.

Personal and professional development

MBA ESG India not only focuses on academic excellence but also on personal development of each student. Soft skills are essential part of the learning at MBA ESG. Students receive guidance in areas such as communication skills, leadership and teamwork, and networking to ensure they are well-rounded professional ready to make an impact in the industry.

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Career development and placement help

Students at MBA ESG are honed to work on their career path from the get-go and receive career development advice from the MBA ESG team. Several students over the last placement cycle have been placed with the help of MBG ESG placement cell at Indian and Global Brands like – Zara, Diesel, LV, Tumi, Mango, Fanzart amongst others.

In addition to this MBA ESG offers students learning in digital marketing, e-commerce strategies, fashion technology tools to prepare students to thrive in the digital era. It equips students in fashion show management skills such as efficient organizations and execution. From concept development to backstage management students gain hands on experience in every aspect of the fashion show production.

Rest assured at MBA-ESG, you will gain a unique and comprehensive education that combines creativity, business acumen and industry exposure. By gaining the necessary knowledge, skills, experience and network, graduates of MBA ESG India embark on successful career in fashion management.

If you are keen to pursue a career in fashion management, reach out to an MBA ESG counsellor to gain more details.

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Author: Mankiran