Leading grocery e-commerce brands in India

As the smartphone’s usage increases in our country, consumers are turning to online platforms in India to fulfil their grocery needs. Driven by factors like timesaving, convenient, wide range for product selection and attractive discount – online grocery shops are a booming sector redefining the traditional Indian household grocery shopping experiences.
Harnessing the power of emerging technologies to fuel their business growth, online grocery brands in India are adopting various innovative technologies to enhance the shopping experience for customers and streamline their operations.

  • AI is used to analyse customer data, personalize recommendations and Machine Learning algorithms are employed to help optimize inventory management, predict demand patterns, and ensure efficient order fulfilment.
  • Blockchain is one technology making waves across sectors. It is being used in online commerce to enhance supply chain transparency, track product authenticity, and build trust with customers.
  • IoT device integration allows for seamless inventory tracking and real-time monitoring of product conditions, ensuring freshness and quality for groceries.

Here are some leading brands in the online commerce sector in India revolutionizing the way Indian’s shop for groceries:


Founded in 2013 and formerly known as Grofers, Blinkit is a new payer in the market yet one of the strongest players to become a revolutionary grocery delivery service, Blinkit has emerged as a time-saving option for many Indians. They are on mission for ‘instant commerce indistinguishable from magic’. Making the best use of technology, data sciences and rich customers insights, Blinkit has built a dense and fast network of partner stores enabling them to deliver fast deliveries in matter of minutes.

They are addressing the need of customers to receive their orders in record time, eliminating the need for time-consuming trips to physical stores. They have quickly become the preferred choice for those seeking convenience and efficiency in their grocery shopping experience.

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A Tata enterprise, Big Basket offers you everything you are looking for under one digital roof. They offer over 18,000 products with a range of 1000+ brands – a range wide enough for all your needs with a guarantee on – on time delivery for your preferred time slots and with the best quality.

With operations in over 30 cities in India fulfilling 15 million order per month, Big Basket is one of the largest online grocery stores in India offering a wide range of products including fresh fruits, vegetables, staples, household essential, personal care products and more. They offer convenient delivery options, including same-day and next-day delivery in select cities.

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Amazon Fresh

With a 2-hour delivery timeline, Amazon Fresh is an online supermarket for all your grocery and household needs. Consumers can place orders for the same day delivery or next day delivery for a range of consumables, household items and personal care products. This global brand focuses on their ‘Leadership Principle of Customer Obsession’ where their playbook plays backwards from the customers. Their ‘Super Value Days’, as an example, is to help customers maximize their savings.

With heavy investments in hybrid stores and their fulfilment centres, the brand leverages AI and ML for their daily operations for Amazon Fresh.

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Founded in 2014, Dunzo delivers groceries and essentials in major Indian cities and has a package pickup and delivery services within same cities. Their business model is a hyper-local on-demand service in India. With their motto being ‘Save the excuses and time’ the brand offers you a better way to get things done. Their application connects you with their nearest delivery partners who will make the purchase and pick up items on your behalf and deliver them to you.

Nature’s Basket

Founded in 2005, Nature’s Basket is an Indian grocery delivery chain with a focus on gourmet food. It has a range of organic food, imported ingredients and exotic foods. They are on their path to redefine India’s freshest and finest food experiences. Offering their customers better service, best quality, added benefits and taste.

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Flipkart Supermart

The e-commerce giant ventured to become a supermart in the grocery sector with their online grocery store offering competitive prices, a user-friendly interface, and an intuitive search option for easy navigation to its users. They are offering convenient delivery options, including scheduled and express delivery with a range of discounts on variety of products.

DMart Ready

They are an online grocery chain rather popular in India and offers a wide range of groceries, home care products, and personal care items. They are offering the Indian market segment a convenient choice of delivery options, including time slots for customers to pick from as per their availability. With competitive pricing and regular discounts, they are leading the way to penetrate the Indian market.

JioMart, Reliance direct fresh, Spencer’s Online and others are a few more names in the long list of e-grocery giants that are paving the way for online shopping on everyday consumables. By embracing emerging technologies, online grocery shopping brands in India are now able to offer customers an efficient and personalized shopping experiences gaining competitive edge in the market.

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Author: Mankiran