Strategic leadership and thinking to tackle global challenges facing companies.

Duration: 2 years
Campus: Pune
Prerequisites: Bachelor’s degree
End of registrations: September 2023
Start date: 4 Sep. 2023
Strategic leadership and thinking to tackle global challenges facing companies.

Duration: 2 years
Campus: Pune
Prerequisites: Bachelor’s degree
End of registrations: September 2023
Start date: 4 Sep. 2023

Our glocal world needs organizations to develop international market strategy. With each country has its own culture, political landscape, and policies – organizations across globe need professionals who come skilled with expert subject matter expertise in international trade solutions.


Our MBA in International Business programme has its core focus to build a professional that can identify and analyse various markets, suggest and implement growth and development plans. They are empowered with soft skills that are a vital component in holding various sensitive cultural and political trade talks in intercultural management scenarios. Our programme will train you to:


  • design international strategic partnership plan
  • monitor the international market context with respect to the company’s scope
  • develop a company’s international commercial expansion strategy in international market segment
  • design international alliances and partnerships model and manage a team of sales force personal
Programme highlights


  • Identify the international development opportunities of an organization and
  • Manage an international project in a multicultural context.
  • Develop the international development strategy of an organization.
  • Design and deploy trade policy in a foreign market.


Course design

  • Training designed, developed, and organized in close collaboration with the industry.
  • Experimental pedagogy, with studies linked to real industrial situations.
  • Reinforced English: 60 hours of English lessons



  • Conferences led by professionals on sector themes and business conferences led by graduates of our training courses. 
  • Support and CV workshops that facilitate integration into a company.



  • Up to 20% teaching via international Faculty.
  • MBAESG Paris Advantage – 15 days educational visit to Paris to understand and experience French industry and culture.

Scope of the programme

India’s overall foreign trade has shown steady growth.

India achieved all-time high annual merchandise export of USD 421.9 billion in FY 2021-22 (against the export target of USD 400 billion, achieving 105.4 per cent of the target), an increase of over 43 per cent over USD 291.81 billion in FY2020-21 and an increase of 33.33 per cent over USD 313.36 billion in FY2019-20.


International Business MBA program prepares you to evolve in international markets. Thanks to international trade professionals, you will learn to identify international development opportunities, target priority markets, define the commercial deployment strategy and implement it.

Who should apply and Eligibility

Who should apply?
Are you interested in how global organizations find synergies with various countries, cultures, and departments?
If you are passionate to about global policies frameworks, foreign markets, global economics and cross-border relationships, this is the right course for you.



  • We believe in your passion for the sector and your career goals.
  • Graduate from all streams are encouraged to apply for this courses.

Check the admission process here.

Why MBA International Business?

In global companies, International businesses differ considerably from domestic day to day operations. From limitation of movement of goods and services, various policies and law governing each country to difference in cultures and economic condition to weather conditions – there is a lot of consider in international business deal and expansion to foreign lands. Each nation differs in their operations which brings on board various geographical and economic barriers for brands to go global.


In this scenario, professionals who are experts in the domain of conducting international business transactions are sought after to ease the operational hurdles. From finance, marketing or strategic issues, these experts are aimed to foster a healthy relationship between two countries, via direct interactions with their government executives or business owners. They help to find solutions so as the linguistic, religious, cultural, economic, or political challenges are managed for the business to set up its processes and successful run its operations.

Why MBAESG for International Business?

a. Dual certificate programme

I. Certificate from MBA ESG, Paris

II. MBA degree from Ajeenkya DY Patil University


b. Pragmatic pedagogy – Learning by doing approach towards:

  • problem and enquiry-based learning
  • experiential learning
  • applied learning with live projects
  • gamification learning

c. Global learning with two-week Paris visit for enhancing experiential learning


d. Guest lectures, masterclasses and workshops with Industry leaders, entrepreneurs and c-level executives.


e. Programmes designed, vetted and crafted sectoral professionals of French academics and experts. This includes our signature courses like:

  • Indian Sports Management Activities
  • Sport Management and Diplomacy
  • Global Financial Markets, Instruments & Portfolio Management
  • Managing Across Borders – A Cross- Cultural Perspective
  • Consumer Behaviour Analytics
  • Data Visualization & Storytelling for E-Commerce Platform


f. Up to 20% of the total faculty is a mix of French faculty and sectoral experts flying in from Paris.


g. Placements come through the on-the-job-learning route, based on students’ performance. We encourage on-the-job learning – that comes via continues student internships process.

Industry focused
Reputed Indian &
International faculty
ESG Paris Advantage 15-day Educational visit to Paris
Dual certification
Imparting innovative management

What will you learn?

At the end of this MBA, you will have acquired the following skills necessary for the exercise of your function in international trade:

  • Identify the international development opportunities of an organization by evaluating the economic potential of a market.
  • Develop an organization’s international development strategy and deploy a marketing policy associated with the country of establishment.
  • Manage an international project in a multicultural context.
  • Design and deploy trade policy in a foreign market.


Semester 1

Business Economics
Marketing Management
Organizational Behaviour
Financial Accounting
Business Statistics
Business Communication
Design Thinking
International Business Environment

Semester 2

Business Law
Business Research Methods
Financial Management
Human Resource Management
Management Information System

Electives 1,2 and 3
Electives: International Marketing, International operations management, International Economics and Global Financial Markets, Instruments & Portfolio Management

Semester 3

Operations management
Project management
Corporate governance

Electives – 4,5,6,7
Electives: International marketing communication, Global Human resource practises, International Business Laws, Global Logistics and supply chain management, and
Managing across borders – a cultural perspective

Degree awarded, admission and fee

Degree Awarded

Students gain a dual certification post completion:

  • Certification from MBA-ESG, Paris
  • MBA degree from Ayeenkya DY Patil University
Admissions and entrance exam
  • Fill the online application.
  • Register for the required entrance exam.
  • Once selected, you will be required to sit for an interview.
  • Post selection in interview, you will be informed for submission of documents and fees.
  • Course fee is INR 10,00,000 for a period of 2 year.
  • Educational immersion trip to Paris is not included in this and required to be paid for separately.

Career Opportunities

This specialization will skill you to engage in one or more of the following:

Zone Manager, Global Sourcing Manager, Global liaison officer, Technical sales and exports, Export Sales Manager, Export Product Manager | International Marketing Executive | International Brand Executive | International Product Executive | Business Development Executive | Market Research Analyst| Operations Executive | Policy Adviser | International Business Development Executive| International Finance Executive, etc.