In demand skills for the intersection of technology and business management

The business management landscape is now eagerly looking for graduates who come well-versed with the knowledge of how business and technology intersect. The fusion of these two domains is a crucial one to understand and needs management students to be proficient with certain specific skills. It has become essential for business schools today to impart students with diverse skills set that blends business acumen with technological expertise.
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Let’s understand the skills management professionals must possess in our global tech evolving world today:

AI and Data Analytics skills

Automation in tasks is becoming an indispensable asset for organizations as technology continue to grow in the business realm. Working with AI involves building models to show business insights and indicate areas where iterations can be made. As we live in the age of information, data is another asset for organizations. For business managers data analytics is key to making strategic decisions backed by numbers.

Managers today need:

– Proficiency in data analytics tools like Power BI, Tableau that offer organizations help to identify market trends, understand customer behaviour, and know more about the market dynamics.
– To develop skills in data visualization that helps them to present information in a easy manner to aid the decision-making process.

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Digital Marketing skills

Marketing strategies today are incomplete without a comprehensive understating and investment in digital communication and marketing. With the evolution of technology, digital marketing is also rapidly evolving and revolutionizing the strategic decision making in the sector. In our digital age moving towards the metaverse, managers in the business realm need:
– Expertise in social media, SEO, content, email marketing to help businesses enhance online visibility and customer engagement.
– Knowledge and familiarity with data-driven marketing strategies that will enable them to curate custom marketing campaigns based on customer data.

Project Management

This is an important skill in every part of business to help it run effectively and efficiently. A project manager is responsible for timely delivery of projects, creating the project plans, project delivery timelines and budget estimates as necessary while setting realistic goals and achievable deadlines. Efficient project management is essential to keep projects within specific budgets and are finished within the set timeline. Managers need to:
– Acquire project management skills with certifications like PMP or PRINCE2.
– Have the knowledge of different methodologies to ensure there is responsiveness in different scenarios.

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Business Intelligence and Market Research

Based on empirical studies and historical data points, business intelligence involves the knowledge of big data to identify trends, patterns, and form strategies for business. The plan of action is future oriented towards growth, expansion or towards promotion of new products/ services, reaching into new untapped markets and identifying new market segments. For modern business manager, they should aim to skills themselves with:
– Market research – learning the process of gathering data, analysing market trends and competitive intelligence for their strategic planning.
– Software’s – that are required for business intelligence that offer real-time monitoring and assessing of KPI’s.

Cybersecurity awareness

The more we become digital in our business setups the greater the risk of cyber threats. Security for these matters has become foundational to business managers. Managers need a core level understanding on the cybersecurity threats that the company can possibly face and have a sense of familiarity with physical, network and software security.

Mangers should:

– Work closely with the IT team to manage the cybersecurity risks.
– Become familiar with cybersecurity protocols and practises that will help them to keep the sensitive and confidential data safe from cyberattacks.
– Stay aware of the privacy compliance and data protection laws of the land.

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Knowledge of Cloud computing

A popular domain in IT has become indispensable for businesses today. Management across organizations realize the essence of cloud computing and the dependability and scalability with it. A strong grasp of cloud computing skills is a critical component of the future business leaders as it has become essential to online business processes making data more accessible and increasing the potential for growth plus scaling businesses.

Managers should:

– Familiarize themselves with dynamic offering of the cloud to helps in streamlining server management, increasing team collaboration, and saving capital on storage.
– Learn how it aids in improving security and is a sustainable way to reduce paper usage, being more energy efficient and boost productivity.

Managers must keep themselves open to creative solutions while being agile and ethical in their leadership. The evolving business management landscape demands skills from managers today where they can easily streamline operations and navigate the complexities of technology to make strategic boardroom decisions. The right mix of business acumen with technology understanding and creative thinking makes modern business managers meaningful to their organizations.

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Author: Mankiran