Your career pathways post an MBA in Data Science and AI

We live in an era of data-driven decision-making where all sectors are embracing the benefits of artificial Intelligence to lead business growth. Organizations are now seeking professionals who can extract meaningful insights from data for strategic management.

According to India Brand Equity Foundation report, ‘The market for AI is expected to reach US$ 7.8 billion by 2025 in India. The report mentions that according to the State of the Education report (SOER) 2022, AI will grow at a rate of 20.2% compound annual growth rate (CAGR).’ ‘By 2030, AI in education systems will contribute considerable efforts to achieve sustainable development goals in India along with help in addressing issues related to equality, equity, and inclusion in education.’

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This expected growth will require a large pool of professionals who are able to merge business acumen and technological prowess using data insights. An MBA in Data Science and AI today has emerged as a lucrative course leading students to an exciting and fulfilling career. This has nudged Data Science and AI to the forefront of the job market. MBA in Data Science and AI is a versatile program that opens doors to diverse industries and roles for its graduates. Finance, healthcare, fashion, and e-commerce are some examples of industries seeking individuals to lead strategic decisions based on data insights.

Let’s look at the different jobs you can get with an MBA in Data Science and AI. There are many career pathways you can choose to specialize in:

Data analyst

Graduates can work as data analysts across various sectors – Fintech, Healthcare, Entertainment, and others.
Data analysts are technical experts who ensure the accuracy of data presented for informed decision-making. This data collected can range from sales records to market trends, and other aspects of the business. The primary role of a data analyst is to work with databases or APIs. Using statistical and analytical tools to identify trends and patterns in data. They build dashboards packed with data-driven information and forecast future trends for intelligent business decisions. Data analysts are proficient in data analytics tools like:
-Programming Languages
-Advanced Excel
-Database Querying Languages
-Creative and analytical thinking amongst other aspects.

Supply chain analyst

Graduates in MBA Data Science and AI can find opportunities in the thriving e-commerce industry in today’s digital age. 
E-commerce chains are aggressively working with data to gain a competitive advantage. One of their key areas of management is the supply chain. Digital organizations are hiring supply chain analysts to improve the performance of their supply operations. A supply chain analyst works on demand forecasting and planning by assessing historical sales data and market trends to forecast future demand accurately. They handle:
– inventory management and supplier relationships by evaluating lead times, quality, and cost.
– warehouse management to optimize layouts and workflow
– logistics and transportation management to optimize transportation routes and modes minimizing costs and delivery times.

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AI marketing manager

Graduates of Data Science and AI can specialize in various fields, like the marketing domain.
An AI marketing manager leads the AI strategies and technologies within the marketing department. Their main goal is to leverage AI to enhance marketing campaigns. They work to identify opportunities in marketing where AI tools can be strategically implemented like – predictive analytics, chatbots, email marketing, newsletters, personalization algorithms, etc. to bring data-driven insights. As an MBA Data Science and AI graduate comes with expertise in AI technologies, marketing strategies, and data analysis, they work to improve customer engagement and conversion rates.

Multichannel CRM manager

Graduates holding an MBA in Data Science and AI possess a strong grasp of data-driven marketing and customer analytics, making them well-suited candidates for this position.
This is a versatile profile that works to optimize the overall customer experience across multiple channels of communication in the organization. Multichannel CRM managers work to develop and execute a comprehensive multichannel CRM strategy that aligns with the organization’s business objectives. They collect, manage, and analyze customer data to segregate the customer base effectively. Leveraging marketing automation tools to streamline the communication process, CRM managers are able to personalize and tailor communication strategies to different customer segments. Leading to an increase in customer engagement and loyalty.

Data science managers

MBA graduates specializing in Data Science and AI can pursue careers as Data Science Managers. The top sectors hiring Data Science Managers include Information Technology, healthcare, finance, and more.
The data science manager focuses on overseeing the data science team and holds a leadership role in the management. They come with a deep understanding of data science techniques and are responsible for data strategies. Using data science, they drive business value, solve complex problems, and guide strategic decisions. The key differentiator between data analysts or business analysts vs data science managers is that the former work on analysing and interpreting data. The latter oversees data science teams, leads data strategy, and manages projects with a broader strategic and leadership role.

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Product analyst

Graduates can apply for a position of Product Analyst across various sectors.
Product analysts bridge the gap between business goals and product development by working with data-driven insights and user feedback to optimize products and services. They assess and analyze a brand’s product to drive improvements, enhance user experience, and maximize business outcomes. They work closely with product managers and UX/UI designers to develop a highly competitive product.

Data science consultant

Graduates with an entrepreneurial spirit can venture into consultancy. They have the flexibility to either engage in a diverse array of projects across different sectors, maintaining a versatile portfolio, or they can opt for specialization in a specific field, like healthcare, establishing themselves as experts in that chosen niche.
Data science consultants wear multiple hats. They work on projects to comprehend the business needs of a brand, collect, and prepare data from diverse sources, conduct in-depth analysis using statistical techniques, and employ machine learning for predictive analysis. Evaluating the brand’s current model they develop data-driven solutions that ensure effective client satisfaction. They drive brands to work with data for their day-to-day decision-making.

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Author: Mankiran