Transformative learning environment: What sets MBA ESG India apart in Global MBA education

MBA ESG India is a global learning business management school with two prominent campuses in Bengaluru and Pune that cater to aspiring professionals across the country. ESG’s mission is to help transforms students into highly competent, industry-ready professionals who are ready to navigate the rapidly evolving business landscape.

The two learning campuses of MBA ESG India offer a range of MBA specializations:


> MBA Sports Management,
> MBA Luxury & Fashion Management
(in partnership with Jain (deemed-to-be) University)


> MBA Sports Management
> MBA International Business
> MBA E-commerce, logistics and supply chain management
> MBA Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

(in partnership with Ajeenkya DY Patil University)

Offering recognized, affordable, and pragmatic academic programmes, ESG India is transforming students’ passions into fulfilling careers in sunshine sectors. With two main pillars that of a holistic pedagogical system and robust industry interface, developing young professionals, grounded in research and analytical skills, professional outlook, and knowledge insights.

The goal of the leading MBA school in India is to:

makes students operational,
support students to develop a global network, and,
boost students’ employability

Here is what sets MBA-ESG, India, apart in Global MBA education:

a. Dual certificate programme

All ESG MBA programmes have a global learning aspect embedded into the curriculum with its French pedagogy and Indian University partners that offer you dual learning certifications:

>Certificate from MBA ESG, Paris
>MBA degree from Ajeenkya DY Patil University for Pune MBA programmes and Jain (deemed-to-be) University for Bengaluru MBA programmes.

b. Pragmatic pedagogy

Learn by doing approach towards:

> problem and enquiry-based learning
> experiential learning
> applied learning with live projects.
> gamification learning

MBA ESG India programmes are curated keeping in mind real time learning that is directly linked with the industry. Fostering industry-relevant skills and experiences that are embedded in school’s learning approach of ‘Learn by Doing’ for all their specialized MBA’s.

c. Global Immersive learning

MBA ESG offers a global learning environment where it offers students an opportunity of a two-week educational visit to Paris for enhancing their learning, offer them a wider network of professionals to connect with, understand in real-time how global trends work and meet with industry-relevant experts.

d. Industry Interactions

Key element of the curriculum design is engaging with the industry with it learn by doing approach. There are on-going guest lectures, masterclasses, workshops series from industry experts and leaders, entrepreneurs, and c-level executives throughout the duration of the course.

This is aimed to keep the students engaged with industry and help them build their own network and connections.

e. Curriculum design from professionals and experts

All programmes at MBA ESG India are designed with French pedagogy. Along with this global pedagogy approach they are further refined when vetted and crafted by sectoral professionals of French academics and experts. This includes our signature courses like:

Indian Sports Management Activities
Sport Management and Diplomacy
Global Financial Markets, Instruments & Portfolio Management
Managing Across Borders – A Cross- Cultural Perspective
Consumer Behaviour Analytics
Data Visualization & Storytelling for E-Commerce Platform

f. International faculty

Up to 20% of the total faculty is a mix of French faculty and sectoral experts flying in from Paris for the MBA ESG programmes.

g. Internships and Placements

At MBA ESG, both our career services team and our faculty are involved to help students gain a global career opportunity. Placements opportunities are intentionally seamlessly integrated with the learning ecosystem of the school. They come through the on-the-job-learning route, based on students’ performance. We encourage on-the-job learning – that comes via continues student internships process.

When you join MBA ESG India, you join a global learning environment that goes beyond the traditional education to help you build a transformative career and hones your soft skills to build a leader of tomorrow.

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Author: Mankiran