6 compelling reasons to pursue MBA International Business

Are you in process to enrol yourself into an MBA that offers you global perspective and learning?

An MBA International Business is all about becoming a global executive. It offers you a specialized level of business understanding preparing you for leadership roles and career in global business environment. Students gain the skills, knowledge, and strategies to navigate the complex world of conducting business across international borders, respecting the global cultures.

Here are a few compelling reasons to join an MBA International Business:

a. Gain a global perspective on day-to-day international business operations

Students are exposed to the programme’s emphasis on development of a global mindset. They need to have an understating of day-to-day operational issues and tasks, international business dynamics and learn about the cultural, economic, and political difference amongst global setups that impact business operations.

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b. Gain cross-culture competence

Being culturally fluent in our slowly moving glocal world is key to success. This niche category of MBA programmes builds professional who possess cross-cultural communication skills and have the ability to navigate work effectively with global experts from diverse backgrounds. This programme has its roots deep in enhancing a student’s mindset with cultural intelligence and global adaptability.

c. Gain knowledge on international trade and economics

In the MBA International Business programme – students are made to delve deep into the topics like international trade, market entry strategies, global supply chains and more.

They are offered learning experience on how to analyse market trends and make informed decisions for expanding business operations at global scale.

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d. Knowledge of global marketing tactics and strategies

Marketing has never been so crucial and in-depth powered by data as it is now!
When it comes to international markets, this programme covers everything in marketing strategies, market research, product localization strategies, branding, cultural sensitivity towards visual communication aspects and promotions at a global scale.
Students learn how to adapt, tailor make strategies to approach various regions and consumer preferences.

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e. Insights and skills on concepts of international finance, risk management, investments, and overall global finance markets.

One of the key areas of function in any business is their finance sector. When it comes to international business setups – financial transactions need special care and attention to detail. This programme offers learning in currency exchange rates, international investment, risk management, and global financial markets. With these insights students are able to curate and recommend financial strategies to manage international business setups as professionals.

f. Insights to develop and execute global business strategy

This programme has a special focus on guiding students to become global strategy experts. Strategic management in business that have majority of global expansion projects is crucial. Students are trained with real world exposure focusing on case students, live industry projects, internships and more to expand their ability to communicate and negotiate in international business settings.

Career opportunities

A degree in MBA International Business offers its graduates career opportunities like:
>International Business Manager
>Trade Analysts
>International finance specialist
>International supply chain specialist
> Global Marketing Director (after few years of experience) and more..

With these opportunities in sector like:
> Consulting firms,
> Export/ import houses,
> Trade associations,
> MNCs, and
> International organisations.

MBA International Business at MBA ESG Pune offers all these aspects with an innovative and interactive learning model. The programme has:
>practical exposure,
>French pedagogy,
>global perspective,
>industry-relevant national and international faculty,
>internships and live projects,
> industry collaborations and more.

Read more about the course here.

Author: Mankiran