Luxury automobile brands with exclusive luxe merchandise

We have all seen the uber cool Ferrari bomber jackets and Harley Davidson motorcycle gear and clothing, but did you know ultra luxe automobile brands like Rolls Royce have accessories and merchandise to offer to their exclusive clientele?
Luxury automobile brands apart from their exceptional vehicles offer their grandeur to a range of limited edition and exclusive merchandise. These luxury automobile brands offer their enthusiasts an opportunity to indulge in the world of luxury that goes beyond the driver’s seat. With their renowned craftsmanship, their merchandise offers the global audience another way to indulge in the brand’s lifestyle. This listicle explores a few luxury brands that also offer exclusive luxe merchandise:

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Speed, power, prestige, elegance – are just a few words associated with the Italian luxury automobile brand, Ferrari. Going beyond their iconic sports cars, Ferrari also offers an extensive range of merchandise that exudes luxury and sophistication. It is one of the brands that earns a major part of their revenues from their licensed merchandise. Their merchandise includes jackets, iPhone cases, throw pillows, flip-flops, umbrellas to baby shoes. They have created an exclusive Pr1ma Collection where the products are designed in highest-quality materials and have a high price just like their automobiles.

Their casual wear jackets range from $1000 and go up till $2500 making them a symbol of exclusivity and excellence.


Sitting at an epitome of car luxury, Rolls-Royce is global brand known for its British heritage and craftsmanship. The brand merchandise is a collection that reflects their commitment to excellence with a range of opulent accessories and lifestyle products. Known for their sumptuous leather goods and bespoke luggage sets, they are also into elegant clothing and home accents. These overnight bespoke bags can cost you anywhere close to $5,500 and more which have the same leather as the Rolls-Royce luscious interiors.

A handsome accessory like a necktie will cost you $88 and $67 for a pocket square. The catch is you will need to visit a Roll-Royce exclusive store to put your order in, for they are the only exclusive sellers.

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Timeless design, exceptional performance, attention to detail, handcrafted luxury, and British elegance are a few words that resonate with when the luxe brand Bentley comes to mind. They also extend these words to their merchandise collection that exude sophistication. From apparel to accessories for home and office, each piece reflects the brands commitment for timeliness elegance and grandeur.

Bentley bags are by far the most exclusive range in its merchandise offerings. Donato, one of their luxury bags, starts $7,000 and can be further customized with additional cost to match the one’s car, outfit – almost anything. Their bags are known to be designed by Vincent Du Sartel who has also been a designer for purses for LV, Bulgari, Zegna and others.

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Aston Martin

James Bond and Aston Martin have almost become synonymous. The use of Aston Martin by the legendary character James Bond in the Bond movies has shown this luxe automobile vehicle as a symbol of sophistication and excellence. Their timeless design, powerful performance and epitome of style has now come to its merchandise too.  They offer luxurious apparel and accessories for men and women and have also launched for kids.

The range starts from $150 for dress shirt, and $425 for a wool coat – which are great price points for kids clothing and access point to a traditional luxe British style.


Engineering marvel, supercar, Italian craftmanship and bold aesthetics with an exhilarating performance – all things we can relate with Lamborghini. The brands merchandise carries a spirit of vibrant, trendy, and luxe style in its apparel, accessories, and tech gadgets – all capturing the iconic futuristic appeal of the brand.

Their backpacks start from $90 and go up to $250 and their exclusive men’s range goes to $800 while women’s tee goes till $200.

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Other luxury automobile brands offering a range of luxe merchandise are:

Porsche : Men’s and Women’s fashion and accessories

Their range of clothing included a full line of men’s and women’s apparel which is form-fitting, decorative sculptures and inspired silhouettes which range from $3,100 boxing shorts, $545 boots to $1,100  range of sunglasses.

Bugatti clothing and accessories

The French automobile brand has an ultra-luxe Ettore Bugatti fashion line which has items like $4,500 cashmere tuxedo to a whopping $54,000 blue crocodile attache. They are built with the same inspiration as their supercars are.

These brands define how luxury can go beyond their traditional product lines and expand into other categories with ease while bringing a while new market in that can now afford one of its exclusive offerings.

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Author: Mankiran