How fantasy sports are fuelling new career opportunities in sports arena

Fantasy sports is a virtual game that allows sports enthusiasts to build their dream teams. The participants of fantasy sports compete against each other based on stats performance of their chosen players in real games. It provides users with an interactive and engaging experience, making sports fans test their knowledge, use strategic thinking and decision-making skills. Today fantasy sports are an active community of passionate sports fans.

It has revolutionized the way fans engage with sports by offering them an engaging and immersive platform with interactions to add an extra layer of excitement to the game. It is global phenomenon today that is also leading towards new career opportunities within the sports sector.

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Let’s dive into what some of these career opportunities are:

Sports Analytics

With data becoming king of our tech savvy times, analytics is key to growth for all sectors. When it comes to fantasy sports, analytics are crucial as they generate a vast amount of data on players performance, team stats and give out possible game outcomes – all thanks to AI algorithms.

Data is now the goldmine for sports analytics and the world of sports fantasy continues to gain popularity, the demand for skilled sports analysts will be on the rise.

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Digital marketing experts for Wearable tech

Fantasy sports brands are expanding their services with AR/VR glasses to make their users get immersed in their games and visual offerings. To be able to understand the nerve of the market using these wearable glasses, the brands are actively seeking for professionals who can comprehend real-time data and behavioural patterns of users to come with personalized recommendations and tips. This helps to enhance user experiences and offer them more to content to stay engaged with the brand.

Game developers and tech experts

As the industry grows, gamification is becoming a core part of sports fantasy offerings which requires a continuous flow of game developers, software developers, UX/UI designers and data engineers who can enhance the digital infrastructure. They are the technical backbone of sports fantasy brands who manage the end-to-end of development and maintenance of the platforms.

Community Managers

Fantasy sports are known to bring fans of a particular sport together on one platform. They have a large community fostered of sports enthusiasts who are there to compete, discuss, share insights, and talk all things about their favourite sport, team of players.

Community managers here will be critical to the success of these communities and users’ loyalty. This manager is required to be a key specialist and has sufficient knowledge to drive topics, build strong relationships and resolve queries while organizing key events and enhancing the overall user experience.

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Content masters/ subject matter experts

Fantasy sports brands today need content that is catering to the needs of their users. They need content masters or subject matter experts who can brew fresh, original, and relatable content of high quality on both long form and short form to cater to the needs and interests of their fantasy sports players.

These brands now actively seek for skilled writers, reporters and content experts who can produce engaging articles, analytics and podcasts that cater to the fantasy sports community. Offering the community – a series of insights, strategic thinking tips, comments from experts and more to help players make informed decisions.

Partnerships and sponsorships

The sports sector has grown by leaps and bounds; the growth of fantasy sports has not gone unnoticed by global and local brands. Many brands are willing to invest as sponsors today as they recognize the potential of engaging with an active user base. For fantasy sports brands, they can offer these sponsorships in the app via limited edition collectable of merchandise for users’ players.

The need in this regard for sports marketers, sponsorships manager and partnership executives for business development is on the rise. These expert profiles are responsible to forge new alliances to drive revenue and create mutually beneficial partnerships.

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Product managers

Be it a new product or existing one, fantasy sports brands are actively seeking to hire manager who can work to develop their internal products to stand out amongst the crowded market in the sports world. This is an active profile where candidates are required to work with deep research – both primary and secondary, come with recommendations and implement new products into the market working with marketing.

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Author: Mankiran