Rounding up the IPL 2023 season

The thrilling finale, several outstanding performances, and impactful moments – round up the IPL 2023 perfectly. The finale sure got a lot of our nerves going with the delay due to rain, yet over 1,00,000 people showed up to the view the thrilling finale between Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans. One gripping finale that showcase intense competition between two expectational teams and remarkable performances, leaving fans on both sides on the edge.
As the IPL 2023 season ends with outstanding performances, the impact of the tournament has been significant in both cultural and emotional terms. The tournament serves as a unifying force bringing people from diverse backgrounds and regions together, transcending language, religion and social barriers. IPL also has a profound impact on the Indian economy where they generate employment opportunities, fostering tourism and attracting investment. It has paved the way for the growth of domestic talent and created a platform for young Indian cricketers to showcase their abilities, offering them a chance to compete with and learn from the best in the world.

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An article by The Economic Times gives us a striking number of the viewership this year for the IPL 2023 season. A total of 48.2 crore viewers turned into the live broadcast of TATA IPL 2023 on the Disney Star Network, marking this as the highest ever reach for any IPL edition of IPL – even surpassing the previous highest registered in 2019.

Money control wrote an article mentioning that JioCinema, the streaming platform that was showcasing all the IPL matches of this edition, registered a record of high concurrent viewership of 3.2 crore during the final match between Gujarat Titans and Chennai Super Kings.

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A platform for young players

IPL has offered a thriving, influential and captivating platform for several young cricket players to showcase their talent and establish themselves in the cricket world. They offer these players and international podium where global teams and experts notice them.

The IPL 2023 season winners

Chennai Super Kings emerged victorious in the rather dramatic finale of IPL 2023 season led by the legendary Mahendra Singh Dhoni. This is Chennai Super Kings fourth IPL title win that brings the total equal to that of the Mumbai Indians win for winning most trophies in IPL history. Led by Dhoni, Chennai Super Kings win cemented their place among the most successful franchise in the tournament history. Strong and strategic captaincy with exceptional contributions from key players like Suresh Raina and Faf du Plessis, the team showcased great resilience and ability to excel under pressure.

The resilient winning team – Chennai Super Kings’ victory in the IPL 2023 season highlights their ability to perform under pressure and have a remarkable comeback from a disappointing previous season.

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Suresh Raina’s brilliant game

Suresh Raina played a crucial role with a brilliant knock in the finale match contributing to the team’s victory. With his exceptional batting skills, Raina provided stability and momentum ensuring a formidable total on the score board. He is also known to have scored the most runs across IPL finale games, with 249 runs, he is the leading run-scorer.

Sanju Samson’s heroics and Man of the Match

We sure can agree that the Gujarat Titans started their chase with determination and Sanju Samson showcased some great skills, composure and patience scoring a magnificent century. This outstanding innings earned him the well-deserved Man of the Match award, recognizing his remarkable century in a high-pressure game.

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Let’s dive into some of the other outstanding performances from the 2023 IPL season:

Most valuable player and most runs: Prithvi Shaw

This talent house from the Mumbai Indians was coined the Most Valuable player for his outstanding performances with the bat. Topping the charts for the most runs with his phenomenal batting skills and consistency, he has truly left a lasting impression.

Purple Cap Holder – Harshal Patel

Coming the team of Royal Challengers Bangalore, Harshal claimed the Purple Cap for taking the highest number of wickets in the tournament. His consistent and impressive bowling performances were essential for his team’s success.

Overall IPL has become an integral part of the cricket world and a symbol of India’s love for sport. It brings joy, excitement, and a sense of belonging to millions of cricket enthusiasts across the country along with several work opportunities and benefits to the economy. It has indeed become a cultural phenomenon that goes beyond the boundaries of the game.

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Author: Mankiran