How an MBA in technology will help your career thrive

Technology is fast evolving the way we work and hire today, and an MBA in technology is bound to serve your career in all the right ways. If you aim to gain a work opportunity at some of the leading global firms or thriving start-ups like Biju’s, Google, Microsoft, CRED, Groww, Snap Inc, Meta, and others – MBA in tech will help you stand out, offer your strategic thinking centred around the tech world disruptions.

All technology firms value an MBA graduate today who comes equipped with knowledge of the business world, has great communication skills and an ability to transform or walk through the challenges of the fast-evolving tech world.

If you are wondering will an MBA in technology take you ahead in the tech world, the answer is without a doubt YES. MBA will take you on a journey to explore a variety of technology related career paths and bring several tech companies to you via their placement cycles. Here are some ways you will take you career to the next level with a tech MBA:

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Managing data

It’s all a data game today. Talk about roles in data science, big data, artificial intelligence, Machine learning – they are all based on data analytics. Companies are looking to disrupt and transform their offerings – only data has the ability to offer this differentiation to companies today. Data harvesting to data management – are all redefined by the big brands making it essential for the MBA graduates to learn to work with data, manage data and use it to solve your work problems.

The MBA dot com website actively shares that leading firms like Amazon are scouting for graduates who can work with large data sets, analyze data, and produce data-driven business solutions and decisions.

Whether you are from an IT or engineering background or coming from a marketing or finance sector, learning how to interpret, manage and collate data to form data-driven decisions is key to thriving in a tech career.

Business acumen

MBA programmes are known to hone graduates for their business acumen. If you are from an engineering background, want to take a leadership role in a leading tech firm but lack management skills, an MBA in tech is the right choice for you.

MBA in tech will act as a base for you to understand business principles and working of strategy, finance, marketing, and operations further lifting your career while giving you a learning atmosphere of the end-to-end business management landscape.

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Technology know-how

Learning about tech is vital for all before you join a tech-based firm. MBA in tech engages you in knowledge of the latest trends, the fast-evolving nature of technology and innovations of the sector. It will equip you with a deeper level of understanding of what is relevant, how it will impact a certain business in short-term vs long-term and help you to make decisions on how you can stay ahead of the competition.

This will also enable you to stay relevant in the industry and navigate change. It will throw light on how technology impacts our lives, has the ability to change our lives and require constant innovations.

MBA in tech will also hone your enterprising spirit and entrepreneurial talent, offer you multiple opportunities to network and make lasting connections in the tech sector, lead to an internship and projects in the tech world to also offering you a direct insight into the day to day workings of the sector.

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What are the different roles post an MBA in technology?

Tech MBA will help to further in one of the roles:

Technology Manager

Under this role you are directly responsible for managing and organizing the development, implementation and maintenance of technology solutions for the organization. The role will involve you working with a team of engineers, analysts, developers amongst others – all to help ensure that the technology projects are in shape and that the tasks are aligned with organizations goals.

IT consultant

Similar to the role of a management or finance consultant, you can also explore the profile of an IT consultant where you work with clients to help them identify technology related issues. Based on their present report of the tech used at the firm, you will analyze what is missing, needs improvement or enhancement and offer the firm suggestions on improving their technology infrastructure. These recommendations will range from updates in software, hardware, human assets, IT solutions to more.

Business Intelligence Analysts

This work profile is high demand for MBA’s in tech where the analyst is required to work with large quantities of data and become an intelligence officers of sorts that runs various comparisons to offer insights into:
-What is working in the market
-How the brands products are being received
-What the competition is doing and how their products are received in the market and more

Business intelligence analysts then deliver various analytical reports to their strategy teams and executives that help them make data-driven solutions and decisions to enhance the brands operations and revenues.

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Tech Product Managers

This role is focused on working with technology focused products and services. It will require one to oversee the end-to-end development and launch of technology related products by working with a set of teams of engineers, developers, designers, and relevant stakeholders to develop the apt product specifications so as the product is within budget and delivered on time.

Digital marketing specialists

AI Marketing specialists and Big Data marketers are some segments where graduates from tech MBA are hired in. Digital marketing is our world that is highly guided by the use of data and powered by AI. This is required for MBA graduates that specialize in digital marketing and come with the technical understanding of the working of AI and big data.

These are just a few examples of many roles you can pursue after successfully graduating from an MBA in Technology. While there are many other roles, the prime focus stays on your depth of knowledge of the tech and your business acumen.

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Author: Mankiran