Countdown to the FIFA Women’s World Cup Finale 2023: Are you prepared?

World cups bring with them a whole range of emotions for their fans. For the Women’s FIFA World Cup 2023 hosted by Australia and New Zealand, we are all awaiting the monumental event of 2023 in the field of Football. This edition so far has been enthralling and engaging and a true testament to the expanding sport of football in women’s segment. The growth has been revolutionary along with their increasing fan base globally.

As we are inching into the series finale of the global spectacle on the 20 August 2023, let’s look at the journey so far:
We can feel the anticipation rising and being almost palpable as we all eagerly await the grand finale of FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023. This one is sure to go down in history as one of the most historic tournaments for a leading number of reasons. Be it the fans, the enthusiasm, the sheer eagerness watching matches on the edge of our sets, or the exceptional performances by several established and new players, some heart breaks and amazing break through for few teams.

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There have been around 148 goals scored in close to 57 matches, as of 11 August 2023. With the greatest number of goals – 5 goals scored by Hinata Miyazawa from Japan team and 4 goals scored by Kadidiatou Diani, Alexandra Popp and Jill Roord.

Dates Semi finales and finale

15 and 16 August are the two main dates for the semi finales to take place with 20 August being the finale match for the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

The leading players this season…

a. Sam Kerr

The Australian is caption of the Australian women’s national football team and has sure emerged as one of the strongest and most prolific goal scorers in women’s football. Hey dynamic performance has been recognized globally, especially her playing style, her aerial ability, and the leadership skills she has shown on field.

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b. Megan Rapinoe

This tar player from the USA national women’s team is full of flair, creative and powerhouse free kicks that have helped her to solidify her position dominance in the game where she is now an emerging figure in the sport. She is known to be a strong candidate who support and stands for gender equality and social justice.

c. Pernille Harder

The dynamic Pernille Harder from Denmark national football team for women is known for her technical prowess, visions, and versatility. All earning her acclaims as on of the best midfielders in the world. She has a strong ability to create goal-scoring opportunities for her team and dictate the tempo of the match making her a strong team player.

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Defending champions:USA

A global favourite and the reigning champions are renowned brimming talent and players. Their exceptional teamwork with apt tactical abilities and performance with patience under pressure make them a team of watch out for. Unfortunately, Sweden won against USA with a close game and took the defending champions out of the game rather early on in the tournament.

Teams in play for semi-finals:

We have some global favourites like France who come with their fluid playing style, strong defence and a blend of emerging talents with seasoned players in their team.

England, Australia and Spain are a few teams known for their talent and endurance in the performances of the players that come in with high motivation. Australian sure do have a home crowd advantages this season.

While team like Netherlands Japan, Colombia and Sweden are making big waves pushing out some big global favourite, like Sweden beating USA to reach ahead in the game and becoming strong contenders of the world cup title.

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This FIFA Women’s World cup 2023 will be sure known to have broken and set new records. The record-breaking live audience and the global viewership is both to be pleased by as we see the sport gaining more and more popularity increasing the significance of women’s football.

Euromonitor International has noted that the Women’s world cup 2023 has a viewership of around 2 billion – double from 2019. Ain’t that an incredible encouragement for the young girls to enter the sport and inspire more to follow!

Another aspect that needs to be appreciated is FIFA’s commitment to promote the women’s sports – with 32 teams this year – providing more opportunities for participation across globe.

The exhilarating finale is right around the corner from us, both the semi-finales and the finales.

Block your calendars to watch the action live and we can assure you an edge of the seat sort of matches with exceptional performances from team members as they all are inching closer to win the title.

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Author: Mankiran