Building business leaders: Explore global MBA programmes at MBA ESG, Pune

The ever-changing business landscape demands for business education to be dynamic and flexible offering students a global mindset learning and specialized knowledge that caters to the evolving demands of the industry. Understanding the need of the industry, MBA-ESG has joined forces with Ajeenkya D.Y. Patil University, Pune to offer four cutting edge Global MBA programmes. These programmes are designed to equip students with the skills, insights, and the global exposure necessary to excel in today’s competitive landscape. These programmes will empower the students with the expertise and acumen required to excel in their desired fields with best-in-class curriculum, French pedagogy, and industry resources.

The four Global ESG MBA programmes offered in Pune are:


a. MBA E-commerce, logistics and supply chain management

In our glocal economy setup, the e-commerce sector has witnessed exponential growth. ESG’s MBA in E-commerce, logistics and supply chain management programme is tailor made for students seeking to navigate the intricacies of this booming industry. The curriculum covers crucial aspects like:
> supply chain optimization,
> logistics management,
> inventory control,
> e-commerce strategies and more.

Students gain hands-on experience through internships and projects with leading industry brands that ensures they are well-prepared to thrive in the fast-paced e-commerce landscape.


b. MBA International Business

As we see the rapid growth of businesses internationally, businesses require leaders skilled to handle international challenges. ESG’s MBA International Business programmes prepares students to become global leaders by immersing them into a diverse and comprehensive curriculum. Covering topics that include:
> Cross-cultural management
> Global negotiations
> Foreign market entry strategies
> International marketing and more.

With ESG’s French pedagogy, it’s 20% focus on international faculty and industry experts in classroom throughout the course and the two week study visit to Paris as a learning experience, students will be able to foster a deep understanding of international markets and cultures.


c. MBA Sports Management

One of the fastest growing sectors, Sports Industry has grown exponentially over the past decade and so has the demand for skilled sports management professionals. ESG’s MBA Sports Management programme at MBA-ESG, Pune is tailored for sports enthusiasts who aspire to be leaders in this dynamic field. Covering topics such as:
> Sports Marketing,
> Sports Event and Facility Management,
> Sports Sponsorships and Merchandising,
> E-commerce for sports,
> Brand Management in Sports and more.

As an international exposure opportunity students have a two-week educational visit to MBA-ESG, Paris and its local sports eco-system. Giving them an international exposure to build a wide professional network and hone their skills to excel in this competitive sector.


d. MBA Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

As we live in the era of emerging technologies taking over, businesses are leveraging data science, analytics and AI to gain a competitive edge. ESG’s MBA Data Science and Artificial Intelligence programme at their Pune campus equips students with the knowledge and tools to harness the potential of data-driven decision-making. The business course includes learning on topics such as:
> Big Data analytics
> Predictive modelling
> Business Intelligence
> Machine Learning
> Data base management systems and more.

Designed with French Pedagogy and applied learning approach, students learn to tackle complex business challenges by leveraging data-driven insights.

With a dynamic blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on learning experiences, ESG’s MBA curriculum incorporates innovative pedagogical approach, including problem-based learning, international educational visit, experiential learning, live projects, and gamification, ensuring students gain practical experience and a deep understanding of real-world scenarios. Here’s how the MBA ESG programmes stand out from the traditional programmes:

a. Mentorship and Career Readiness

A core focal point of ESG’s MBA programme is to offer graduates comprehensive mentoring to become subject matter experts while honing their soft skills to prepare them for operational and non-operational roles.

b. Dual-certification

Graduates of these programmes will earn a prestigious degree from Ajeenkya DY Patil University, Pune and a globally acknowledged certificate from MBA ESG Paris, providing them with a competitive advantage in the international job market.

c. Global exposure with Paris educational visit

Students have the unique opportunity to embark on a two-week educational visit to ESG Paris and other industry setups in Paris, immersing themselves in experiential learning at a global level.


d. International learning opportunities:

French pedagogy and French faculty
20% of curriculum for all MBA ESG programmes is delivered by a blend of French Faculty and international sectoral experts ensuring students gain an international perspective and global learning experience.

e. Action research

As an integral part of the MBA programme, students undertake many different projects with main emphasis on their master thesis/ consulting project/ industry report for a period of 45 days while are placed within the setting of company, enabling real-time learning and application of their knowledge.

f. Applied and dynamic learning approach

The MBA programmes incorporate a variety of pedagogical methods, including case study models, problem solving based learning, experiential and real time learning with industry projects, masterclasses, and workshops to ensure that students gain practical experience.

The collaboration ensures that students not only receive an enriching academic experience but also access to global opportunities that open door to success in the competitive world of business.



Author: Mankiran