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MBA ESG, India is a global business management school that has two learning campuses in India at Pune and Bangalore, offering a range of MBA specializations. MBA ESG offers a wide range of in-demand MBA programmes with a global learning perspective and stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of business education. With an aim to transform students into job-ready professionals who can adapt to the ever-changing environment of the business world. MBA-ESG connects students to corporates, indulges students in learn-by-doing practice/ applied learning approach, and offers a professional learning environment.
At MBA ESG Bangalore, students benefit from the expertise of a world-class faculty comprising industry experts, seasoned professionals, and accomplished academics. This amalgamation of knowledge ensures that students receive a comprehensive and contemporary understanding of the business landscape. The institute’s strong industry connections further enhance the learning journey by providing students with access to internships, live projects, industry projects, and placement opportunities, nurturing their professional growth and employability prospects.

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If you are a student seeking to take your career to new heights in the growing and in-demand sector or a parent seeking to help your child to find a successful career path, look no further than ESG Bangalore. With two global MBA programmes in Sports or/and Luxury and Fashion sector, ESG Bangalore has carved a niche for itself in the world of Sports and Fashion business sector in India. Let’s understand more about the two programmes designed to cater to the dynamic industries of sports and luxury & fashion.

MBA Sports Management

MBA Sports management at ESG Bangalore equips students with the skills and expertise to thrive in the dynamic world of sports business. This industry-driven curriculum covers a wide array of topics, including:

>sports marketing,
>event management,
>sports analytics and more

The main objective of the programme is to:

> Empower students with employable skills in management, communication, and sports marketing.
> Provide comprehensive knowledge of strategic issues in sports and insights into the workings of the sports sector.
> Foster a global perspective on sports management and its impact on the international stage
> Highlight the growing and expanding Indian sports sector.
> Encourage critical thinking and problem-solving abilities to address dynamic issues in sports management
> Support students in developing a holistic understanding of the sports sector and its opportunities.

MBA Luxury & Fashion Management

The Luxury and Fashion management programme at MBA-ESG is a great pick for individuals aspiring to excel in the realms of luxury and fashion. This programme stands out with its emphasis on fostering creativity and innovation, encouraging students to think outside the box and develop unique solutions for the challenges faced in these glamorous industries. The course curriculum includes:

>  History of Luxury and Fashion Industry
> Buying and forecasting in Luxury and Fashion
> Consumer Behaviour & Customer Relationship management
> Luxury and Fashion Brand Management
> E-commerce luxury and fashion and more.

The main objective of the programme is to:

> Develop employable managers with expertise in luxury, hospitality, and fashion brand management, along with strong communication and marketing skills.
> Enhance understanding of strategic challenges within the luxury and fashion sectors, including the dynamics of the fashion industry and the globalization of fashion and retail and e-commerce, especially in the post-COVID era.
> Prepare young fashion, retail, and luxury managers to tackle real-world challenges and excel beyond classroom knowledge through practical training and hands-on experience.

Both global MBA programmes are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of sports and luxury and fashion management, led by international faculty and industry experts who bring their extensive knowledge and experience to the classroom. With a perfect blend of theoretical teachings and practical applications, coupled with exposure to the global sports networks and  luxury and fashion markets, MBA ESG ensures that students are well-prepared to make a mark in these highly competitive and trendsetting industries.

With French pedagogy, a global learning environment, and a two-week study trip to Paris, both Global programmes at MBA-ESG ARE revolutionary with a perfect blend of industry exposure, hands-on learning, and academic learning.

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Whether you are passionate about sports or fascinated by luxury and fashion, these programmes are designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge and help students embark on a transformative journey.

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Author: Mankiran