Tips to Strengthen your MBA profile

An MBA application process can seem like a daunting task. The process is a meticulous prep in assembling of a range of essential components. Like preparation for GMAT/GRE, fine-tuning your CV, building an eye-catching portfolio, networking for recommendations, reflective essays, and more. Through this article, we bring you unique tips to strengthen your MBA profile. Let’s dive in:


MBA schools seek out applicants who partake in volunteer work. Reflects the applicant’s desire to give back to society. You can volunteer for a range of activities like:

Sustainable initiatives: Become volunteer members for organizations like Youth for Climate Change, Fair Trade India, Fashion Revolution, Craft Revival Trust, or other organizations that work towards sustainable projects.

Cause-based volunteer: Become a volunteer for People for Animals if you are passionate about animal welfare. Choose a cause that resonates with your personal values and long-term career goals.

Teaching volunteer: Volunteer with national or international organizations to teach the underprivileged. For instance, the Teach for India movement.

Enhance your skills

While you are prepping for your MBA application, make sure to invest a couple of hours each week to learn a new skill or a language. Identify what is essential for your application and in demand for the industry. A new language like German, for instance, can enhance your application to European schools. Building on your soft skills like leadership, communication techniques, adaptability and agility in teamwork can also become valuable for your MBA application.

This will bring out your ability to learn new skills and stay relevant in your career goals.

Showcase your athletic or artistic background

Are you a musician, play an instrument, are an artist in fine arts or digital media space, or have been practicing a particular sport? If you have earned a certification as a gym trainer, or yoga teacher or are skilled at teaching a musical instrument, make sure to mention this in your profile.

It helps to highlight that you are disciplined and dedicated to your art. Express your passion for your art or sport and how it connects with your career goals. For example, if you are a Tennis player, talk about your ability to be agile, on the go with a go-getter attitude. Detail the fine interplay of the sport’s discipline with your work ethic.

Build a digital platform

In our digital hyper-connected age, content has become the first point of connection for us. Building your digital presence is essential to reflect your personality. Take your pick and build a podcast, blog, YouTube channel, or Instagram profile for poetry, dance skills, etc.

Podcast/ Blog: If you are industry-centered, start a blog or Podcast to share insights on industry trends or a personal experience.

LinkedIn or Twitter (Now X): Are you focused on thought-leadership content? Think about writing consistent articles on these platforms and engage with your professional network via polls and quizzes.

Social media platform: Are you a movie buff, food buff, or someone people usually consider for suggestions and advice? Build a relatable content page on Instagram.

YouTube: If you are one to travel and explore, we suggest you build your own Vlog to showcase your travel journeys.

Make sure you are consistent with your content and interact with your audience.

Develop your own website

Even if you are not from a design or art background, build your own website to add to your MBA application. This is an effort to showcase your personal branding with a professional online presence.

Home page: Design a simple and impactful cover page. This should share with the world a short summary of who you are and what you do. Add 5-6 relevant skill sets that you are an expert in and give a brief on your career history.
Portfolio: This is where you need to highlight your university and work projects. Showcase what you did, for whom and what was the impact. Highlight numbers where you can. For instance – Your specific lead in a project led to a 10% increase in social media engagement.

CV: Have a page dedicated to your CV. Consider this as your one-click-away CV to share with anyone without them having to download a document.

Blog: If you have your own blog, podcast, or YouTube channel, showcase it on your website.

Connection: Link your LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and other relevant social media accounts.

With platforms like, building your own website has become easier than ever! Go give it a try.


If you are a fresh graduate with no prior work experience, consider taking some time to intern at different organizations. Use your alumni network to gain internship opportunities that offer exposure to the industry, experts, and potential mentors. Reach out to your Head of Department or other faculty members to help you find relevant internships. Optimize your LinkedIn profile for networking and connecting with alumni, industry experts, peers, and faculty.

Earn relevant certifications

Technology has become essential for our daily business activities. Several certifications are available online:
Google: Google offers a wide range of free online certifications via its Digital Garage platform in topics like Digital Marketing, data and tech, and more.

IBM: IBM offers various free courses via its IBM Skills Gateway like a beginner-level AI course called Introduction to Artificial Intelligence.

Stanford University: They offer free online courses like Design Thinking.

Get a mentor for your application / Build a strong relationship with your recommenders

Establish a strong rapport with your recommenders. The best solution is to align with them to see if they can also be your potential mentors through the process of your MBA application. Hold weekly calls or meetings to align on conversations like your MBA aspirations, goals, and what you seek from their recommendations. Share your essay stories with them with examples so they can offer you insights to build on your strengths.

What else?
You can start engaging with the alumni of the MBA school you intend to apply to. Reach them via LinkedIn and gain insights on interview questions from them to strengthen your application. Take part in Hackathons, and STEM/STEAM workshops to engage with a wider audience. Showcase your entrepreneurial venture.

By incorporating these strategic tips into your application, you can build a strong MBA application. It will help to position you as a well-rounded and dynamic candidate. Helping to strengthen your profile as a multi-faceted professional.

Author: Mankiran