Role of fashion in emerging startups

Fashion Industry is highly visual and it takes no time to rule hearts. Perceiving the current trends of Fashion, the Industry is very much inclined towards social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.  Sources say that over 25 billion images are shared per day on Instagram, averaging 1.6 billion likes per day, through which we can clearly imagine the strength of social media platforms in   swaying the creativity.
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The fashion influencers in India like Sabyasachi, Abu Jani & Sandeep Khosla, Masaba Gupta and many other are the trend setters and they are being more aware of creating and preserving the culture as well as maintaining the originality by creating unique fashion statements. Also Read: Fashion Marketing: Expectation VS Reality

This industry being a very good source of revenue growth, hasbecome imperative to remain in the business of fashion. Some of the leading fashions startups like GenoStyle, FarFetch, Lyst, DePop, Pastels and Pop, Vajor have showed amazing growth percentage in the sector of fashion startups.    Having said that, startups are playing a vital role in generating higher revenue for many.

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From small-scale firms like handloom units, traditional designers and weavers using the unique original method for design creation, etc.  to well established designers, and fashionistas, all are equally focusing on the financial aspect as well. Also Read: Impact Of Hosting Mega Sports Tournaments On A Country’s Economy

The recent studies and trends noticed in Fashion Startups ensure to keep alive the essence of true fashion and comfort which will ultimately be recognizable in the Fashion Industry globally. Looking into the ongoing practices in the industry, it is also necessary to set the right attitude and focus equally on trends and revenue generation. Being an essential part of the industry, both should be appropriately managed and executed.

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Many efficacious creative ideas introduced by startups are versatile enough to transform as per the on-going inclinations. Majorly the social media platforms play an important role in accessing targeted audience, helping them to hit the correct nerve on timely basis. A startup itself can be called a new fashion for pampering the fashion industry and setting new benchmark across globe.

A write-up by Dr. Ashwini Sanmath

Author: Abhishek