Paris Fashion Week 2024: Designers, Celebrities, and Memorable Moments

The razzle and dazzle of haute couture at Paris Fashion Week ‘24 has been at an all-time high this year. This article features stories from the mecca and melting pot of ornate style statements and luxe ateliers. Featuring extravagant designer collections and the stunning glamour of front-row fashion from global celebrities.

Paris Fashion Week stayed true to its nature offering audiences a week full of iconic fashion moments, haute couture collection drops, designer show statements, and A-list front-row sightings. Bringing together the perfect blend of couture, fashion, design, art, culture, craft and ostentatious glamour.

This time of the year, it’s the season of noteworthy fashion journalism with newsworthy celebrity interactions, exceptional designer-celebrity collaborations, comebacks, and reunions. With this article, we capture a few memorable moments written down in history that are on their way to shaping fashion trends. Let’s dive in.

Most Iconic shows

The brand-new season of Paris Fashion Week 2024 had some memorable designer showcases. Here are a few you must know:

a. Maison Margiela : A true fashion experience to remember

A truly mesmerizing showcase of an artisanal collection by John Galliano. The designer built a whimsical theme that underscored the nocturnal life in old Paris. The set was defined by low lights and a dark backdrop that helped in a theatrical interpretation of the collection. The design highlights included organza skirts, tulle drapes, and breastplates. Silhouettes with cinched waists, voluminous hips, and intricate detailing of lace and gauze brought in the dramatic effect, capturing the audience in the bygone era. Every look and ensemble on the models was a creative narration of stylized characters.

b. Robert Wun: For Love collection showcase

The true highlight of Paris Fashion Week was Robert Wun’s showcase. The absolutely stunning use of textures, embroidery, and gory detailing on the set paved the way for the fascinating showcase.
Everything about the show stunned the audience in a jaw-dropping moment. The set design to the intricate detailing of ensembles and model props.

The show was Robert’s interpretation of a love so whimsical and fierce. Blending a horror show and love story in one showcase. Blood-stained clothing, accentuated with embellishments and an eerie theme stood out. The highlight of the show was his blood-stained dress made from red crystals. The dress was an instant hit with front-row attendees and online viewers. The designer received several positive comments on social media platforms appreciating the designer’s take. Many critics and attendees have gone on to mention this show as the greatest collection of the entire fashion week.

c. Dior’s luxurious collection showcase

Maria Grazia Chiuri, the creative director of Dior showcased a classic collection this season. She dug deep into the Dior archives and modernized them for a contemporary collection. Offering the audience 59 pieces of absolute luxury like asymmetric dresses and trench coats. Amalgamating neutral tones and bold hues in a complimenting manner, Dior’s collection reflected a feminine aura. Presenting their old classic archived designs with a modern twist.

d.. Fendi: A play of embroidery

Kim Jones, creative designer of Fendi, brings to us an intricate and intense showcase of embroidery. An ode to Karl Lagerfeld, Kim showcased a collection of futuristic aesthetics of design at Fendi. This memorable collection was hosted at the historic Palais Brongniart. Kim drew inspiration from Karl and looked into a future of fashion with designs that consisted of frothing, fringe detailing, feather add-ons, serpent-twisted dresses, column gowns, and more. To bring out the futuristic look, designs were delicately textured with beaded embellishments and shining sequin sparkles.

e. Valentino: A timeless collection

Pierpaolo Piccioli, creative director at Valentino, presented a spring-summer collection in an intimate show setting offering the audience an insight into his imagination of ‘La Salon’. Eccentricity at its core, the collection has quirky hues inspired by the rainbow. Turquoise pants, coats, and shining skirts were the highlight. He aimed to highlight the sacred process of creating haute couture that involves a one-on-one approach. One of the highlights of the collection was the rose embellishment cape.

Piccioli said – “I want the kind of crowd that used to be in the salon de couture when couture was born, but with different kinds of clothes that belong to this time because I want all of this process of couture to become contemporary,”

Celebrities: Who wore what

Paris Fashion Week is never not a star-studded affair. Bringing in celebrities from global locations to the land of haute couture. With their looks finalized months in advance, here are some of the global stars who have attended the showcase this season

a. Zendaya at the Fendi showcase

Bringing her new look to the runway, Zendaya attended the Fendi showcase in a custom Fendi haute couture gown. Stylized in a dune bun with her baby bangs, she was a vision radiating classic sophistication.

b. Kylie Jenner at Maison Margiela and Valentino

Masison Margiela: Wearing Maison’s shimmery light-reflecting sequin gown styled with a wet hair look, Kylie Jenner attended the show with her mother Kris Jenner.

Kylie also attended the Valentino showcase in an all-black outfit with fur detailing. She was accompanied by her daughter in a similar look.

c. Reese Witherspoon at the Fendi showcase

Attending the show with her daughter Ava Phillippe, the mother-daughter duo styled in complete opposites. The daughter sporting a chic, young eccentric look with colour blocking, and Reese sporting a classic look in a mini black dress paired with an iconic red bag.

d. Jennifer Lopez at Valentino and Elie Saab

The global pop star and actress opted for an all-black Valentino dress. A figure-flattering dress with cutouts across the slope of the sleeve. Wearing a statement necklace and earrings to bring in the bling.
She also looked like a vision attending the Elie Saab show. Wearing an ethereal cape covered with floral textures and detailing. Used as cover-up style over the green gown with a deep neck detailing.

e. Gwyneth Paltrow at Armani Prive

Gwyneth gave sleek androgynous vibes. Dressed in an all-black structured suit. With fine detailing of velvet fabric on the suit.

f. Natalie Portman at Dior

Dressed in all black, the actress offered a flirty, easy-to-carry business casual look while attending the Dior showcase.

g. Naomi Campbell at Balmain

The global supermodel walked down the Balmain showcase in an architectural blouse fitted with flowers. Capturing the attention with her famous strut down the runway.

Zayn Malik, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Rita Ora, Ali Wong, and others were also part of the big list of celebrities in attendance this season.

The Indian Presence

Indian designers, models, and celebrities made quite an impact this season at Paris Fashion Week. Some of the most iconic moments for Indian representation were:

a. Rahul Mishra: The Superheros collection

The previous Woolmark prize winner designer has been the talk of the town in Paris. Thanks to his latest mesmerizing collection of stories of insects. His collection pushed a talk and thought on our evolving landscape and the developing changes between humans and nature. Using circular-shaped props, Rahul goes on to build a storyline with his silhouettes that showcase dragonflies, bees, and other insects via intricate embroidery. Highlighting these beings as the superheroes of our planet.

b. Ananya Pandey

Walking for designer Rahul Mishra, Ananya Pandey was sporting a golden midi dress with a butterfly embroidered sieve. In her debut at Paris Fashion Week, she was styled by the leading Indian stylist Rhea Kapoor.

c. Charithra Chandran

The Indian-origin and Bridgerton fame actress Charithra Chandran attended Paris Fashion Week wearing Rahul Mishra. She adorned a tailored gown with exaggerated sleeves, feather tassels, and an overall sequin detailing.

d. Gaurav Gupta

The ace Indian designer known for his experimental cuts and sculpts, showcased this season his collection called Aarohanam. Highlighting the ancient Indian craft techniques of zardozi, Badla embroidery, and Mukaish embroidery.

e. Sonam Kapoor

Attending the Dior showcase, she wore a monochrome ensemble from Maria Grazia Chiuri’s cruise collection. Her stylized look was inspired by Frida Kahlo.

This season of Paris Fashion Week has been noted down as one with the most iconic designer showcases. Going down in history as a season to remember. Offering fables of creative prowess and dramatic expressions on the runway. A remarkable season for haute couture as global audiences grow more aspirational and curious about the luxury sector.