How Does an MBA Data Science & AI Prepare You for Strategic Leadership Roles?

Our lives are deeply embedded in data today. Everything we engage with on our social media, the choices we make to see a particular content, our searches, etc. are all data points. These data points are integrated into a consumer profile and used for strategic decision-making. Before the process of decision-making begins, data analytics and AI experts work on building data segregation and segmentation. This offers management to work with only relevant data to:

a. build consumer profiles,

b. generates targeted content,

c. hyper-personalize marketing efforts, and

d. drive sales and increase ROI with digital marketing tactics.

Increasing the relevance of having professionals in management who are well-versed in the usage of data to make strategic decisions.

What is an MBA Data Science and Artificial Intelligence?

An MBA in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence is a global MBA programme gaining popularity. It combines the multifaceted technology profile of data analytics and AI with business management principles. To match the growth and evolving nature of emerging technologies, this course offers industry experts in the domain of data-driven decisions.

The programme is curated for students to build a foundation in complex human-technology processes. This course offers learning on topics like:

1. Business and data analytics
2. Machine Learning
3. Text analytics
4. Financial reporting and management
5. Cloud Computing
6. Deep Learning
7. Project Management
8. Business Research Methods and others.

A graduate in this niche MBA programme has business acumen with technology prowess. Offering them a competitive edge in the job market. A course that offers essential learning of our data-driven businesses. And one that has technology as part of its foundation to solve complex business problems.

An MBA Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence:

• Is a rigorous programme that enables students to lead data-driven decisions.

• Equips students with the tools necessary to navigate and work alongside technology to make management decisions.

• Aids graduates to drive business growth by improving operations like supply chain management making the best use of data-driven decisions.

Programme Highlights

Here are some highlights of the MBA Data Science and Artificial Intelligence programme that will help you lead your career into critical management roles:

a. Focused learning of data analytics for management decisions

Strategic roles demand making critical decisions. These decisions are high risk and need a mindful planning. This programme dwells deep into the need for collecting, analysing, and processing raw data to build strategic decision points.

For instance: Graduates in this program with an elective in Human Resources can design strategic employee motivation programs. They can segment data of the employees to build productivity cycles. Understanding the variations in the employees and where the most motivation lies. They can build strategic management styles to bring in higher productive cycles.

b. A rational decision-making process foundation:

The focus of this MBA programme is to highlight the intersection of technology in management decisions. Graduates are enabled to make rational decisions in their leadership roles by making use of technology like AI/ML.

For instance: In operations management, the manager can gather the historical data of the firm. He can then make use of machine learning and AI to understand the data. Gaining critical insights on the existing process and flow of work, learning of any discrepancies and areas of improvement. This can help the manager to make rational decisions to optimize the operations using data. AI can help the manager to come up with solutions that offer the least number of discrepancies.

c. Application of data analytics

To lead graduates into strategic management positions, this MBA programme equips them with various application tools of data analytics. Prediction algorithms, forecasting models, neural networking, etc are some examples of tools graduates learn.

These tools help to make decisions across various management functions like financial management, supply chain management, etc. These tools help graduates to become experts in understanding the data derived from the technology. They can derive key meanings of the data deviations to drive effective business strategies.

For instance, in the case of supply chain management, it helps to keep a real-time check on inventory. From inventory in the warehouse to inventory in transit.

d. Optimize the business operations

We are living in the Industry 4.0 era where technology comprehension has become supreme. Combining this with business acumen offers graduates to learn about:

• Which operations are running effectively, learning about what makes them effective in data terms.

• Identifying redundant and repetitive tasks to save time, and cost and bring efficiency in operations.

• Application of strategic tools, and how they can offer any change in results using the power of ML and AL

The course essentially builds graduates with a profound management character. Leading them to embrace the power of technology to drive business development.

e. Specialization

The programme offers electives and specializations in areas like financial management, mergers & acquisitions, human resources, change management, etc. They are highly rewarding areas of specialization that have a vast growth potential in our changing times.

For instance: Change management with AI and Data analytics expertise can robustly evolve and optimize an organization’s end-to-end management of its human resources, bring in a cultural change and redefine its management style. All based on actual data points derived from historical data and other predictive model tools.

Why should you apply for an MBA Data Science and Artificial Intelligence?

It’s a highly rewarding programme with an attractive salary package and opportunities leading to strategic management roles. As our economy is digitally booming, this MBA programme is becoming a preferred choice by many. Join the MBA Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence course at MBA ESG, India to:

– Build a strong foundation in business and technology

– Gain access to a global alumnus network of the MBA ESG

– Learn on the go. Joining MBA Data Science and AI at MBA ESG India will offer you hands-on learning with industry. Working with expert industry faculty, industry mentors, and live projects.

– Design your career path for leadership roles in strategic management across industries like healthcare, IT, technology, Fintech, etc.

– Build industry connections during MBA-ESG’s frequent industry-led workshops, live projects, and industry interactions.

– Learn about machine learning, AI, and data analytics to stay relevant in our data-driven business environment

Author: Mankiran