The Dynamics of sports and Sports business

The Dynamics of Sports and Sports Business – Guest Lecture by Mr. Mohit Raina And Mr. KNS Murthy


To understand the dynamics of sports and sports business in the last two decades.


Mr. Mohit Raina provided a number of insights into the sports business and how it has changed to become more beneficial for sports consumers.

In the discussion, he took students through the various changes taking place in the media over the last 20 years. For example, earlier, there used to be a single camera capturing an entire match. Now, with the advancement in technology, there are various cameras to capture all the action, at different angles and positions, providing an intriguing viewing experience for viewers and fans.

Private leagues such as IPL, ISL, Pro-Kabaddi League, etc. have added a new dimension to players’ careers. They have also created new job opportunities across the country. Many specialization-based job profiles, such as Performance Analyst, Pitch Inspector, and others which never existed before, were developed over a period of time.

Companies like JSW and Tata are investing in players and other sport-related facilities to provide quality training platforms to improve performance in major tournaments. States like Odisha are investing heavily for the improvement of Hockey in India. Media companies like Star Sports Pvt. Ltd. and Sony Networks have helped in highlighting non-cricket sports like Kabaddi, Volleyball, Badminton, and Wrestling by broadcasting them on their respective channels and promoting them as mega-events.

Mr. Raina also discussed a case study based on the development of Football in India. It showed how Team India’s performance dipped post the 1950s in football. It also showed the lack of resources and the Football Federation’s negligence to develop the sport. However, private leagues such as the ISL are imbibing Football culture into the Indian psyche. As a result of ISL’s growth, people have displayed their craze for Football with them fervent support for the AFC Asian Cup 2019. This clearly shows India is warming up to Football in a big way.


Sports Management professionals play a critical role in the growth of the sports ecosystem in India. They have to hone their passion and channelize it into that particular area of interest. They can initially start with small projects and internship opportunities to be a part of the current sports ecosystem, which will help them gain valuable insights into the work that’s cut out for them. It will also help them understand the areas of improvement that can make the industry efficient and thus, better.

Author: Abhishek