Why Choose Specialized or Niche MBA Programs Over Traditional Ones

Why Choose Specialized or Niche MBA Programs Over Traditional Ones?

The career path of a typical student in India is School -> Pre-university/Class 12  -> Under graduation -> Post graduation. Post-graduation usually involves an MBA program of some sort. With MBAs fast-becoming the norm, the degree is quickly getting diluted with traditional specializations such as finance, marketing, and banking. The term “MBA in…” has become commonplace and it’s not difficult to find graduates in the discipline by the dozen. You will find umpteen MBA colleges in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, and other cities in India and millions of aspirants trying their luck to get into them.

So, how do you avoid becoming a face in the crowd? How can you pursue an MBA without doing what everyone else is doing? The answer is specialized or niche MBA courses. For example, take sports management in India. Over the past few years, there has been a significant rise in the number of sports leagues and associated jobs in the industry. Hence, an MBA in sports management in India is a much preferred MBA course.

It’s not just sports management in India that has taken off. You also have MBA programs in luxury, tourism and hospitality, wine, restaurants, aerospace, arts, and much more.

Niche MBA degrees, while providing all the fundamentals of a typical management course, focus on a particular industry of the current business market. This offers tremendous scope for those looking to break away from the traditional career path and study what they’re really interested in. The changing business scenario, advanced training in emerging business areas, and an adventurous generation that’s willing to take up such options are some of the reasons niche MBA programs are on the rise.

Traditional MBA programs are, of course, safer to pursue than a niche MBA program. They are a tried-and-tested avenue which guarantee a job at the end of the MBA course. It is usually pursued by those wishing to move up their organisational ladders. On the other hand, specialized MBA programs offer ample student support, resources, and dedicated faculty, allowing aspirants to quickly move up their organisation. They have a chance to create a career that’s vastly different from their peers, who may have taken the traditional MBA route. In addition, it provides them an opportunity to make a career out of the subject they are passionate about.

If you wish to pursue a niche MBA course in Bangalore, MBA ESG is the place for you. MBA ESG is among the best management colleges in Bangalore. You can choose to specialize in Sports Management, Luxury Management, or Tourism and Hospitality Management.

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