Arjun Dutta

Assistant Professor

With over 1.5 decades of illustrious experience in the luxury industry. Dr Arjun Dutta had the privilege of working with esteemed brands such as Bose Corporation, Louis Vuitton, and Montblanc. Throughout his career, he has actively contributed to enhancing profitability by spearheading recruitment and training initiatives, conducting thorough audits, designing and implementing SOPs, and successfully expanding exclusive brand outlets (EBOs). In the realm of academics, I have been fortunate to embark on a new journey, leading a batch of MBA students in Luxury and Fashion Management. Witnessing their passion and dedication fuels my commitment to imparting the knowledge and expertise gained in the luxury industry.

I take pride in representing India as an alliance member with “Luxury-Experts,” a distinguished organisation supporting high-end brands and luxury houses in creating extraordinary experiences for their talents and customers. This association allows me to contribute to the advancement of the luxury industry globally. I look forward to engaging with my students, colleagues, and industry peers, exploring the captivating world of luxury and fashion, and fostering a collaborative environment to nurture future leaders in this exciting field.”

Research Interest

Luxury and Fashion Management


Leads the Luxury and fashion management team and ensures the department achieves the highest possible standard. Engages in collaboration with industry to deliver the latest industry exposure and meets all required attainments as deemed necessary for the successful execution of the course requirements. Also, facilitates placement and other academic requisites.

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