Professional projects form the heart of the training at MBA ESG.

About MBA


The primary aim of the MBA programs at MBA ESG is to transform students into job-ready professionals who are able to adapt to the ever-changing environment of the business world. Through its many professional contacts, projects, theses, and conferences, MBA ESG connects students to corporates during their time at the school. Therefore, it creates employable professionals who are readily absorbed by the industry upon graduation.


Professionalization is at the heart of the MBA ESG pedagogy. Live projects equip students to face, analyze, and find solutions to problems as they would in an actual organization. They ensure students are able to apply what they learn in a real-world scenario than merely gain knowledge without any practical application. In addition to problem-solving, students learn how to be a team player, develop the right skills and attitude, and face challenges with confidence. This professionalization, thus, enables them to succeed in their chosen career path.

Dr. Alain Kruger, Director, MBA ESG, Galileo Global Network

Meet the Director

After an enriching experience at KODAK as a product manager in the Health Department, Dr. Alain KRUGER graduated with a Ph.D. in Management Sciences, in the field of the cultural influences in the consumer’s behavior at the University of Bourgogne under the supervision of Professor Marc Filser.

Dr. KRUGER joined ESG Paris as an associate professor in the year 2001. He subsequently took charge of various MBA programs such as the Executive MBA Management program and later, the lead of the Marketing Department of the Grande Ecole program.

In the year 2011, Dr. KRUGER joined the ESG group as the head of company relations and professional training. In the same year, he also took over the charge of the MBA ESG programs and in the year 2013, as the head of the language school.

Dr. KRUGER is the main author of the book Mini Manuel de Marketing at Dunod Editions published in 2010. He has also authored several scientific publications.

Presently, Dr. KRUGER is focused on the expansion of the MBA ESG programs on a global scale. He is particularly involved in the opening of the academic campus in Bangalore.


Why MBA in Luxury and Sports Management?

The global luxury goods market was estimated to be around USD 316.16 billion in the year 2019 alone. The luxury goods market is for the super rich or wealthy. According to a survey by ET, India’s demi-billionaires are expected to rise by 70% in the year 2022. The number of billionaires globally has reached 3000, a rise of 13.4% from 2019. With the super rich and affluent showing steep increase, the demand for luxury brands have rapidly increased. So, a career in luxury management is highly remunerative. The salaries and the career prospects of luxury brand managers are one of the highest among all the industries.

The other industry which has shown rapid growth , more than any other industry sectors is the Sports industry. With billions and trillions of dollars in Sports sponsorships, events and activities, a management career in Sports is a lucrative one. With the net worth of players like Lionel Messi going to 400 million dollars through contracts, endorsement deals and investment, you can imagine how much salary the sports manager of the team would make. MBA in Sports Management from MBA-ESG is like a golden icing on the cake.

MBA-ESG has partnerships with multiple luxury brands and Sports clubs to let you have the best of careers in these two fields.


7 Reasons You Should Choose MBA ESG

About us 7 Reasons

  1. MBA ESG ranks among the top 20 business schools in Europe and among the top 4 in Paris. Our Masters programs are highly ranked by Eduniversal, a prestigious global MBA ranking and rating agency.
  2. MBA ESG’s pedagogy is focused on “know-how” i.e. practical application of knowledge. The aim of the MBA programs is to create a professional portfolio for each of its students, which plays a crucial part in their employment by major companies.
  3. The faculty is a mix of French and Indian industry professionals and seasoned professors who have extensive knowledge in the areas of sport, luxury, event, tourism, and hospitality.
  4. Each MBA program includes a two-week visit to Paris which allows students to experience international culture and industry practices.
  5. Master classes by French faculty, who provide valuable insights on industry culture, trends, and growth, giving students the opportunity to gain a global perspective of business.
  6. The only college in Bangalore which offers comprehensive, one-of-a-kind MBA and BBA programs in emerging sectors in India.
  7. The MBA ESG alumni hold powerful decision-making positions in companies such as Lacoste CA, Reebok, Nike, Fédération Française de Tennis, Tiffany & Co, Estée Lauder, Bobbi Brown, Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, and many more. Upon graduation, you become a part of this coveted 13000-member alumni network.