visit to parisian luxury hotels

Visit Of Parisian Luxury Hotels

The students of the MBA Hotel Management program in Parishad an appointment on November 22, in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris, for the visit of three unpublished places: “The Hoxton Hotels”, the “Citizen M Gare de Lyon”, and the “Laz’ Hotel Spa Urbain Paris”; newly opened, representing the new trends of the “casual lifestyle” chainof hotels,and independent.

Read the testimonial of LoïcCORDUAN–MBA Hotel Management, class of 2018, to know more about the visit:

“We discovered a real estate consisting of three buildings gathered around two paved courtyards. Our host, Céline Grumetz, Talent Coordinator, tells the story of this “young” group born in 2006 in London’s Shoreditch district. SharanPasricha, CEO and Founder of Ennismore, the company that develops the brand “The Hoxton”, has a real “visionary” approach that we noticed very quickly when we crossed the entrance of his new hotel, the 4th of the group.

First of all, when you enter, it is not the reception that you find but a bar, because the philosophy of its hotels is to be places for locals! Moreover, all the spaces (lobby, restaurant, terraces) were designed to immerse oneself in the best of the neighborhood, to make it a real open house. The Hoxton Hotels has 172 rooms divided into 4 categories; we visited one of them. Everyone was surprised by the size of the room, which had an impressive ceiling height. The neo-vintage style with industrial references (old factory in the 50s) gives the impression of staying in a private apartment. We ended the visit in the Riviébrewery, which offers a cuisine with French culinary traditions with local products at a reasonable price – from 9 to 25 euros.

The entire MBA EGO hotel class thanks the Hoxton Hotels team for their hospitality.”

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