How Emirates is shaping ultra-luxury experiences in air-travel?

Air travel has continued to be a key luxury experience that continues to evolve its inflight services. Emirates is a key airline player known to have redefined what a luxury experience truly means when you fly. Their offerings bring you as close as it comes to experiencing you flying in your private jet. They take pride in operating modern, efficient and comfortable aircraft with a relatively culturally diverse workforce and deliver award-winning services to their customers globally.

Emirates is one of the finest aviation brands working to disrupt the luxury immersive experiences market segment. They are today known for redefining unique luxury experiences and ultra-luxury experiences in air travel. Long gone are those days when long-haul flights would fill you in with doom and gloomy mood swings. Their world-class luxury service offerings set new standards for how brands can engage with their audience and consumers. Emirates was founded in 1985 and had only two aircraft. Now it has the most significant number of aircraft in its fleet, comprising Airbus A380 and Boeing 777s.

Emirates has genuinely been a backbone of transformation for the airline industry and also for producing world-class global collaborations with iconic luxury brands to offer their flyers never to forget immersive experiences. Founded in 1985, Emirates comes from the Middle East with its hub in Dubai and has also played a crucial role in helping Emirati women continue to succeed in the aviation industry by employing them in various areas of operations in the sector. Today, Emirates is known to be a luxury and premium choice for people who love to travel in comfort, style and ultra-luxury. International superstars like Brad Pitt, Kim Kardashian West, Jennifer Aniston and many others are known to be frequent travellers with this aviation brand. Emirates has more than 90 A380 aircraft in service, with longest flights serving from Dubai to Auckland. Emirates airlines serve 137 locations across 75 countries.

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Let’s dive into inflight experiences that Emirates has built to shape and elevate your luxury experience when travelling amid the clouds: 

Emirates First Class Cabin
Are you seeking privacy when flying?
Emirates 777 First class is your answer. It is a fully enclosed private suite – one of the first to be introduced, and its design is known to be inspired by Mercedes-Benz. These private suites offer a modern, sleek look with ‘zero gravity’ seats inspired by Nasa,, ensuring ultimate comfort.

Emirates 380 is also the epitome of luxury. Its economy seat is on the lower floor, and the business class and first class are upstairs. The business class seats are engineered to perfection. These seats have aisle access and are spread out zig-zag to increase the aisle space.

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Emirates first-class cabins have privacy doors so you can dwell in your world. There is ambient lighting to suit your mood and a private cinema to entertain. The seats turn into comfy beds with mushy pillows. Headphones are provided to ward off the noise, and eye masks are provided for sleeping. There are shower spas onboard where you can refresh yourself.

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Emirates Food experiences
Let’s talk about food.
Emirates is known to embrace diverse cultures onboard. They are known to have curated exceptional food experiences like the Ramadan menu, authentic Malayalam dishes for Onam and more. Savour the gourmet meals that include sumptuous a la carte cuisine, delicious snacks and personal dining services.

Designing Fine Dining at 30,000 Feet: Flying High in Emirates First Class - MOLD :: Designing the Future of Food

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VR Cabins
Emirates is known for embracing emerging technology in its cabins. Now with their incorporated virtual reality windows in the cabins, passengers can catch the view outside the aircraft with the help of real-time camera technology. This is also one of the finest first-of-its-kind experiences the brand has built to give its flyers an experience that most of its competition would not be able to offer. Other aspects of tech and entertainment within the cabin include video call applications and an HD LD screen 32-inch screen with a massive range of inflight entertainment.

Emirates shower spa
Looking to arrive fresh while still thousands of miles up in the air?
Emirates offers you a private shower luxury, and the glory of having a private bath on a long-haul flight a few hours before you hand is not to be underestimated. This is one experience Emirates indeed prides itself on. Not simply the private bath, you can also feel refreshed with their exclusive Emirates Private collection Bvlgari amenity kits. Talk about a unique luxury experience in air travel!

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Brand collaborations
Emirates makes sure you will think of luxury experiences when you think of them. These collaborations Emirates has on board make sure you get yourself an ultra-luxury travel experience:

The Byredo skincare collection
Their first-class flyers can relax with their luxury Byredo set that features a skincare collection made exclusively for their flights. These allergy-free products hydrate and soothe your skin with vitamins, amino acids and chamomile extracts. It even offers a sleep oil and pillow mist to help you drift into a restful sleep.

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Bowers & Wilkins E1 headphones
Emirates now offers you an experience of superior quality sound using Bowers & Wilkins E1 Headphones. The globally owned British sound experts have curated these headphones exclusively for Emirates and are known for their noise-cancelling technology.

Le Gemme Collection from Bvlgari
Another unique collaboration Emirates worked on is to bring on board the Le Gemme collection from Bvlgari. This will help you to arrive refreshed at your destination and find all essentials for men and women. This includes hand mirrors, facial creams, lip balms to shaving foam – all carried in one elegantly designed amenity kit to take with you on your travels.

Airline amenity kit from Emirates

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Other aspects include an onboard lounge within walking distance and access to premium personal service for food and amenities at all flight hours. As a flyer with Emirates in first class, close your private doors in the cabin and enjoy the number of experiences offered by the airline.

Emirates Skywards – the airline’s loyalty program also offers a range of discounts and opportunities for its members to upgrade their tickets along with other rewards on selected flights, especially from and to Dubai. Emirates Skywards is partnered with over 100 hotel brands, which helps them to offer its clientele access to 30 million properties and rooms worldwide. 

Their recent announcement confirmed an investment of over $ 2 billion to improve their in-flight customer experiences, including updates to cabin interiors and new menus that will include – unlimited caviar, new menus with vegan options and cinema snack options. A few other collaborative experiences will consist of Dom Perignon vintage champagne. With such a huge investment already in place, Emirates is one brand building itself up for revenge travel in style and luxury and is no doubt the number one player on the leaderboard in air travel in terms of offering unique and curated luxury experiences for an ultra-luxury immersive inflight journey.

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Author: Mankiran