Hospitality Management Internship

Hospitality Management Internships

Work experience is a sure shot way to secure that coveted job you’ve always wanted. But it often happens that students are not ready for the industry upon graduation. They do not have enough practical, hands-on experience in the industry to start working full-time in their roles. The solution to these employment woes is internships.

So, what are internships?

Internships are nothing but work experiences gained over a short period of time. They are a great way to hasten the employment process. They lessen the time between your graduation and your employment by ensuring you are already equipped with the skills and competencies required for that particular role.

Employers prefer candidates who have some sort of work experience as it cuts down on training time. The internship serves as your training. Therefore, you’ll be onto the job upon securing it rather than spending 3 to 6 months getting trained.

Gone are the days when internships meant you had to slog and work for free without the guarantee of a job afterward. Today, internships are highly in demand by employers and candidates with work experience edge out those without by a large margin. Organizations often offer paid internships and view interns as one of their own employees. Many interns get hired by the organization in which they’ve interned.

Internships in the hospitality industry

Skills that are absolutely essential in the hospitality industry are customer service and communication. It is crucial that you master these before applying for an internship. Other skills such as teamwork, diplomacy, problem-solving, etc. can still be learned on the job, but your communication and service skills are part of your personality and hence, should be top-notch. This is because a major part of your job will deal with talking to and interacting with customers. If you’re adept at these two skills, half the work is done.

How to pursue an internship in hospitality?

Getting an internship is not difficult. Many hotel chains such as Marriott, Oberoi, Taj, etc. offer pretty good internships to aspirating candidates. But prepare yourself well to ensure you get the internship among the hundreds of others who’ve also applied.

So, what should you do to clinch the opportunity of interning with your preferred hotel/hospitality chain?

  1. Start searching for internships about 6 to 8 months in advance
  2. Make a list of hotels/hospitality service providers with whom you’d like to intern
  3. Talk to your seniors, teachers, friends, family, neighbours, or anyone who may be able to help you secure or at least provide information about the internship
  4. Contact the hotel/organization directly and ask if they are offering internships
  5. Prepare a resume, highlighting your strengths and showcasing your skills that the industry demands
  6. Attach a cover letter and send out your resume

NOTE: Some hotel chains may have specific conditions to apply for internships. Check them out before you send your resume.

  1. Follow-up on the status of your application

Always remember, an internship is a stepping stone to getting your dream job. The more you intern, the better your skills become, and the more chances there are of you getting hired by your dream company.

The MBA in Hospitality Management program at MBA ESG helps you pursue numerous internships with industry experts that will enable you to become job-ready. So, what are you waiting for? Begin sharpening those skills from today because you could be working for your dream company tomorrow.

Author: Abhishek

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