Our Networks

Our Networks

The Alumni Network

The MBA ESG Alumni association has more than 13,000 members. The aim of this association is to create a genuine international network that offers its members intergenerational assistance, access to the expertise of the alumni and help in finding a job for its graduates. Our alumni have the opportunity to engage at different levels in the development of the school and the future of its students.

Many services are offered to students and to our alumni.

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The network of partner companies

MBA ESG and companies work closely together and develop a sustainable partnership. The MBA ESG network now comprises more than 300 companies who, throughout the year, meet students via:

Recruitment Forums

  • In March: The ESG Group Schools - School Business Forum brings together more than 80 companies that meet and recruit students for 2 days.
  • In June: MBA ESG Forum in Hotel Management.

Earmarked Schedules

From October to May: Along with MBA ESG, companies organize events with their own communication and recruitment operations thanks to schedule dedicated to them. During these events, the future graduates and the company communicate to get familiarized

Corporate Business Projects

Case studies and real business problems, agency competitions, challenges or study missions in the fields of marketing, finance or communication… Every year many such professional projects are integrated into the educational programs.

The Career Center

A career centre, offering thousands of internship offers that are updated daily, is available via the extranet of the students.

Educational Guidance Committees

Once a year, the school management, active professionals and the Alumni of MBA ESG analyse every training programs, benchmark and develop educational content by drawing on the expertise of companies.

Are You a Company and want to offer an opportunity to the students of MBA ESG?

If you would like to contact the MBA to:

  • Recruit an MBA ESG student or submit an internship or job offer
  • Participate in our recruitment forums
  • Set up a partnership, a project with MBA ESG

please Click here or write to: Srinivas Shinde, Vice President- Partner Acquisition, iNurture Education Solutions (email to: srinivas.shinde@inurture.co.in)

At the heart of 2 networks of higher schools

MBA ESG, an ESG Group school

The ESG Group is a French higher education group in the management domain. Thanks to its membership in the Studialis network - Galileo Global Education, its accreditations, its 6000 students, its network of graduates and partner companies, and its geographic locations in France and abroad (offshore programs), the ESG Group offers students and professionals an educational and training program that stands out for its uniqueness.
The ESG Group is present in Paris, Rennes, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Montpellier and Aix-en-Provence.

MBA ESG and the ESG Group within the Galileo - Studialis network

Enrolling for an MBA at MBA ESG is akin to becoming a part of the Galileo - Studialis network. A group of 47 reference schools, located in seven countries around the world and united around a common project - turn your enthusiasm into professional achievement.

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