Why join a B-school?

Why join a B-school?

Are you on the fence about joining a B-school for your MBA?
Are you confused about what an MBA offers you and how it sets you apart?

From recent graduates to working professionals, we sometimes find ourselves asking if we want to join a B-school and take the leap of faith. The decision to go for one involves a strong commitment of time, money and energy whether it is to get a traditional MBA or a specialized business specific master’s degree. A specialization can make you a professional master of Finance, Marketing Management, Fashion and Luxury Brand Management, Sports Management, Healthcare Management, Agri Business, International Business, HRM, Big Data and Analytics, Sustainability, Energy Management and more.
While the decision may be daunting for some there are plenty of professionals that take the plunge each year for a number of reasons and here are some of the compelling reasons for why you should consider joining a B-school: 

1.A competitive and killer salary

Five figure salary on your mind? An MBA can get you there quicker!

One of the strongest stats across MBA schools reflects an increase in earning potential of the graduates post an MBA degree. It gives you an edge that leads to brands offering you a rather competitive and substantial salary in exchange for your knowledge, skills and potential. Leading global brands hire a large number of MBA graduates across the world and have been specially noted to offer some of the most lucrative pay packages. It is also seen that MBA pay packages tend to be higher than most other master’s. In certain cases, a business degree/ specialization is considered to be mandatory for salary increments. An increase in your annual earnings with job security should be a strong reason to consider a B-school. 

2. Kickstart your entrepreneurial journey

Do you want to be your own boss? Specialize in MBA in Entrepreneurship and lead your company!

Schools across the globe offer specialized MBA in Entrepreneurship that aid in your overall development of managerial skills, building innovations, sustaining growth and how to take over and turn a business around. 

B-schools offer state of the art infrastructure and learnings via simulation labs and start-up incubators where students can learn while carrying out their projects. Benefiting from complete support of the faculty, industry mentors and their peers in areas such as finance, law, negotiations, technology, business development, marketing and more. Launch your idea into a business while you are backed with a strong support team with professional expertise. 

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3. Upskill to climb the corporate ladder/ Become a Leader

Does your 5 year plan involve becoming from the Head of the Department to a C-level executive? Are you a manager who’s seeking career growth, with a desire to move into a leadership role?

An MBA will upskill you with both interpersonal and soft skills to aid this growth. 

In the dynamic world we live in, a lot of value is placed on competencies to perform a task efficiently and successfully. An MBA offers you specialization that upskill you and get you future ready to climb the corporate ladder. A leader not simply requires technical know-how and expertise but also needs to be a team player who has great interpersonal skills, soft skills and empathy towards their peers, seniors and their reporting employees. 

To help you become a leader, B-school makes sure via a number of activities and dynamic challenges that an MBA student develops a problem solving mindset. Group and team tasks, clubs to community initiatives are introduced to the MBA students to hone their communication abilities with various groups/sectors in the society. B-schools take these rather seriously and structure their programs around overall growth leading to enhanced managerial skills of their students. 

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4. Develop and grow a powerful business network

Are you always seeking help from others around to connect you with a potential business client or for a new work opportunity?

A B-school will help you to grow, expand and multiply your network quickly. 

From your own peers, faculty and professors to the B-schools extensive alumni network and their industry connect, you will find yourself in the midst of the perfect storm to build a unique set of professional relationships with people you will interact with in your MBA. MBA’s have been known for offering its students a business environment along with cultural and inter-personal experience leading to its students finding their next work opportunity, a potential client, business deal and from business partners to life partners. 

The connections you build here offer you a great overview of the world of business and help you to adapt fast to the slightest changes in the business environment. You can connect with the global alumni network and attend global events, make sense of world affairs impacting business decisions and find yourself intelligent, smart and driven peers who will aid your overall growth. Increasing your business management capabilities with the vast network available is a strong and vital offering of the B-school’s. No better place to forge such interpersonal connections than joining a B-school.

5. Build your knowledge pool

Are you a seeker for intellectual growth?

B-schools challenge you as a person to develop your overall communication ability, observation skills and critical thinking. 

An MBA will offer you plenty of opportunities for your intellectual pursuit and to aid you to grow as a person.
If the financial benefits aren’t enough to convince you, and you are the one seeking intellectual gains, a B-school will be the answer for you. If you are this person who seeks to learn and overcome obstacles, and tends to push themselves in becoming a better version, then a B-school will offer you all of those with their structured out and planned strategic offerings throughout the course. 

In addition to making you an attractive candidate on paper with your technical expertise, MBA appeals to the curious minds. MBA degree incorporates learning about multiple disciplines simultaneously including learning of geography to culture, it hones you to be an effortless thinker and a keen observer. With the case studies, simulations and classroom work you will find yourself a conversation starter, generating contacts, sustaining workplace relationships and will come off as a polished and appealing individual. Aiding you to become a solutions oriented person with a more sophisticated approach.

6. Career Shift / Master a specialization

Looking to shift from one sector to another? Wanting to specialize in a particular field?

B-school is your answer! 

One of the most common reasons why professionals opt for an MBA is to change their career route from one sector or industry to another, one geographic location to another or simply start over a new career path for themselves. A B-school helps you gain this career mobility. The coursework is designed to develop management skills, either as a main focus or the generic MBA offerings or as a key component of an MBA which is designed and structured to build a more specialized skill set. 

For example, if you have been working in consulting and want to make a shift into the growing sports sector, an MBA in Sports Management is your career defining choice. In this course you will go through immersive case studies, indulge in internships, interact with industry professionals and work on live projects from the specific sector. These experiences are built to immerse and indulge you into the specialization and aid in building you as a solutions oriented person with critical thinking abilities. 

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7. Higher employment rate

Do you want to increase your chances of employment and have job security?

MBA acts as a powerful tool that increases job security with your present employer or within the sector. The Graduate Management Admission Council in the past has released through its poll’s and reports on how a large percentage of employers prefer MBA graduates since that creates value for their companies. A B-school degree is also a powerful differentiator in a crowded marketplace. 

Employers tend to prefer hiring MBA graduates for their business acumen, ability to handle complex situations, their agility and fast adaptation to the rapidly changing global environment. Leading to efficiencies at work with innovative solutions. 

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If you are keen on upgrading your career, and professional growth is on your mind, you need to start with your B-school journey now. Interactive, experiential and immersive learning is the core of B-school offerings along with their global exposure. It will also boost your confidence levels, cross-cultural awareness, critical thinking and more. 

Joining a B-school is a long term investment, if you invest in yourself now you are bound to yield the many benefits throughout your life. 

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Author: Mankiran