Wellness tourism becoming the next big thing in luxury sector

If you thought wellness-based travel was a luxury concept not many were into, pandemic sure aided to change this mindset and amalgamated wellness, travel and luxury into one concept for the tourism industry – one that is highly lucrative and sought after, especially now.
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How have hotels adapted to wellness travel?

Hotels have had to evolve during this peculiar phase (pandemic) for human civilization and so did their offerings, more so when it concerns the wellness luxury resorts and spas. While they took their time to re-group and plan plus implement these, most luxury and curated bespoke hotels today offer their customers space to unwind with exclusive fitness classes, yoga and meditation sessions, specialty water, detox massages, body wraps, rejuvenation packages and more on their spa menus.

The whole notion of wellness in travel is not something new but the trend is more widely accepted and promoted now. Let’s understand factor that are driving this trend and making it the next big thing for the luxury sector:

Increase in travel demand

What has been pent up from 2 years of covid lockdown is the need for people to travel and travel more frequently. After being restricted from traveling for years at a go, travel and adventure seekers, vacation lovers are all set to step out of their cocoons and explore.

This sure made traveling for yoga retreats where you can completely relax and shut the outside world out more prominent choice for many, while that sure is not enough – bespoke luxury resorts, spas and hotel came into picture to bring in a new range of product that offers relaxation and wellness packages with massages, yoga, rejuvenation therapies, cultural experiences and much more.

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Need to manage emotional and mental health

Pandemic brought significant limelight to mental and emotional health globally – it made sure people were focused to take necessary steps within their households to keep themselves away from engaging in fear-driven thoughts. Being proactive became a need of the hour and travel became an escape for many.

When we talk about health – wellness luxury travel becomes a part of this conversation and hotels did take notice of this opportunity to offer some of the world class facilities where tourists can gain some great sights to see along with renowned experts helping them to stay abreast of their mental health.

Higher disposable income

For many people working from home, savings were high with nowhere much to spend on when a pandemic pushed us into global lockdowns lasting months at a go. This further pushed people to spend lavishly on wellness-based travel once able – giving themselves exclusive luxury experiences. People from all age groups were seen to have chosen more wellness-based luxury tourism over the past couple of years than has been seen before.

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It sure did bring in the YOLO mindset among most older age groups to spend where they enjoy and manage their mental and emotional health too. This age group also has the disposable income to spend and have a lavish relaxing holiday to themselves.

Bespoke experiences

What was not so common – is now the most sought after.
That is, offerings that are more exclusive and bespoke in the wellness luxury industry. Many brands are now going beyond just offering massages or yoga retreats, they are focused to build their spaces during lands that are unique – so offering tours of the local land – flora and fauna, bringing the tourists closer to the traditional and cultural explorations – making personalized wellness plans based on their needs.

Whatever you may be looking for, they are ready to offer a luxury and more localized experience of the same. You are sure to walk away with a great story to share with your friends and family.

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Tech-Savvy offerings

In a world of high-tech integration in almost everything we do – wellness luxury spaces are not far behind. If your need is to stay safe and have a no contact check-in – these luxury spaces are offering, you just that.

From touchless key entries, concierge free check-ins, to offering services like private butler access over WhatsApp, an in-room sleep device with meditation and more – it’s all taken care of with the help of technology. They have made sure that even during lockdowns, one was able to get away without much hassle and check into private spaces with the most amount of curated services offered to you with the touch of your fingertips.

Luxury sector comprehends how lucrative the inclusion of wellness travel into their product offering is- for one main reason – it offers high profit margins where the concept of higher prices and lower volumes – which is ideally the base for most luxury offerings. You work with fewer guests and charge a higher price for exclusive bespoke services. Post-pandemic experts have also noted that travellers in the wellness industry do not mind the extra spend on bespoke services when the destination and services offered both matches perfectly with their need.

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Author: Mankiran