The little book of luxury brands

If you are looking to learn about the most iconic luxury fashion houses/ brands of our world, the Little Book series is all you need! They narrate the splendid tales of our celebrated luxury brands, offering a memorable storyline that you can carry in your pocket.

The little book of iconic fashion houses!

These are pocket-sized, illustrated stories of the most luxurious fashion houses. Iconic, couture, bespoke, ultra-luxury, glamour, opulent accessories, monogrammed bags – if these words excite you, what these iconic and best designer brands of the century have shared in their books is written gold for you.

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A few of the luxury fashion brands little books of treasure are:


Little Book of Gucci: The Story of Iconic Fashion House by Karen Homer

Founded in 1921 in Florence as only a luggage supplier to the elite leading to Gucci’s modern-day tale of a purveyor of hot couture and cult accessories, the house of Gucci is a luxury mogul and titan of the luxury fashion industry. Gucci’s luxury fashion over the past decade has finely and seamlessly put together an understated luxury with their fine leather goods and curated garments united under the covetable double G logo.

Their little book of Gucci shares a story of how the brand began as a luxury luggage supplier, revisiting how the family overcame wartime hardships, becoming more potent as an iconic haute couture brand. It also covers the exemplary leadership of Alessandro Michele, along with 100+ beautifully curated images that showcase Gucci’s essence over the years in their sensual designer clothing.

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Little Book of Chanel: The story of Iconic Fashion House by Emma Baxter-Wright

A book with the life and legacy of Coco Chanel? YES!

This Little book of Chanel is a pocket-sized heaven for luxury fashion lovers. With the story of Coco Chanel, one of the most influential couturiers known, this pretty little book offers an enthralling read of the evolution of the iconic fashion house and how it innovated from its early journey of millinery to the pivot towards revolutionary invention in sportswear and jersey fashion for women to their classic Chanel cardigan jacket and how can we forget the little black dress along with their nostalgic perfumes.

The book carries detailed photos, sketches, catwalk, and fashion photography, paying tribute to one of the world’s finest and most highly regarded luxury fashion houses.

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Little Book of Prada: The Story of the Iconic Fashion House by Laia Farran Graves

Prada’s understated elegance, luxury, modern-day technologically advanced fabrics, and much more are their hallmarks. One of the top luxury clothing brands, Prada’s journey is captured beautifully in this miniature book. It documents the history and heritage of the brands, from the brand’s origin as a leather-goods manufacturer to building a global empire by Miuccia Prada. Weaving a tale of the brand’s evolutions and innovations, this little book features individual garment images, catwalk shots and fashion photography – all paying tribute to the legendary fashion house and the women behind it.

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Louis Vuitton

Little Book of Louis Vuitton: The Story of the Iconic Fashion House by Karen Homer

This fully illustrated book of one of the world’s most renowned, celebrated and luxurious fashion houses is all we need to deep dive in with a cup of coffee.

Louis Vuitton is infamous for their monogrammed bags seen across celebrities, influencers and royals for decades, 150 years to be exact. The book takes you through a young Louis trying his luck in Paris through two world wars, the Great Depression, the incredible Jazz Age and the sparkling swinging sixties to the brand’s global expansion in the eighties to become a powerhouse conglomerate LVMH. Marc Jacobs joined in from 1997 to the continued evolution under the creative direction of Virgil Abloh; the entire storyline is in this book with not to miss stunning images and captivating context.

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Little Book of Dior: The Story of the Iconic Fashion House by Karen Homer

This pocket-size delight narrates a 70-year-old story of the opulent fashion house of Dior. Christian Dior’s fascinating and spectacular rise to the high-end echelons of the Parisian fashion world is one of the most captivating stories in the fashion industry. Dior made its debut in 1947, inventing a New Look silhouette and revolutionizing how women dress, shop and see themselves.

Take the cup of coffee and read more about Christian Dior’s life, the brand’s inception to the success and triumphs of the couture collections on the catwalk, plus its evolution under the creative direction of Yves Saint Laurent, March Bohan, Bill Gayten, Raf Simons, Maria Grazia Chiuri and many more.

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Yves Saint Laurent

Little Book of Yves Saint Laurent: The Story of the Iconic Fashion House by Emma Baxter-Wright

The fine line between fashion and art is where Yves Saint Laurent comes in. Widely known to have elevated haute couture to fine art, curating garments that are a spectacle to watch and revolutionising womenswear’s gendered norms. One of the best luxury brands, YSL is known to be daring, creative and enigmatic.

Capturing the journey of Saint Laurent in Algeria as a young boy making miniature garments from fabric scraps, this little slice of luxury heaven showcases via beautiful photographs and text the journey of Saint Laurent from a fashion student to becoming the right-hand for Christian Dior, further, going on to establish his fashion label in 1961 and creating the famous ‘le smoking’ trouser suit. Bringing back leather jackets to artistic drama, fine art and elegance – this luxury fashion house is full of stories.

Pocket size Little Book of Iconic fashion houses are an ideal gift for a fashion lover and enthusiast. Not only are they sharing stories of these luxury labels, but also an essential guiding path for many students and aspirants of the fashion industry. Their stories are awe-inspiring, and the graphic details of catwalks, the detailed sketches and well put together storylines can also inspire writers, graphic designers, illustrators, and artists.

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Author: Mankiran