Sustainable fashion

Sustainable fashion for a better tomorrow

An important element at the forefront of the Ethical fashion movement is “Sustainability”. Be it procuring raw material or showcasing the final product at a fashion week, sustainability needs to be found in every step of creation. Big brands such as Levi’s, Adidas and Zara have pledged their allegiance towards this cause. These fashion houses today openly discuss how they incorporate sustainability into their work by realigning their business models, production processes and store concepts towards this cause.
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But why is sustainability so important? It not only encourages the use of locally produced, biodegradable raw materials which have low adverse effects on the environment compared to the commercially mass-produced materials, but it also helps support local organizations that apply traditional techniques to create materials. The general essence of this cause is that, these fabrics can eventually return to the ecosystem, causing least amount of wastage or harm to the environment.

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The very reason why these conglomerates to clothing brands have adopted sustainability is not because they became suddenly socially aware, CSR activities have always been done by these houses to grab attention. However, the change towards this is mainly because of the want of their consumers to have a sustainable wardrobe. Also Read: A Typical Day Of A Sports Analyst Now consumers want environmental and socio-economic friendly products to feed their hunger of being “woke”, which is specifically targeted towards millennials and Gen Z.

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Although Saving natural resources, reducing carbon footprint, stopping animal killing etc. adds up to saving the planet from harm, in many cases the reason behind sustainable products is self-centered.  People are now conscious about what they put on their body, so least amount of harmful chemicals is preferred.  Be it dressing for function, durability, or comfort or just to avoid long hospital bills consumers are seen investing a little bit more in sustainable fashion at the present times.

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Sustainability is not just a buzzword anymore, in fact it’s the need of the hour for not only saving the environment, but also to save yearlong traditions and craftsmanship as well as health of workers and consumers.

Author: Abhishek