Sports Merchandising and Licensing

Sports Merchandising and Licensing – Guest Lecture

The Sports Merchandising and Licensing master class was held between March 04, 2019 and March 08, 2019.


What first awed us was the fact that he [Mr. Christophe Rousseau] has worked for some of the biggest companies in the world and yet was able to break things down and help us understand the subject easily. He was unconventional in the way that he let students dictate discussions in the class. We were given a push and after a certain point, were left to be independent in our thinking and approach.

We were given a push and after a certain point, were left to be independent in our thinking and approach.

The most enjoyable part of his sessions was that he recognised the sports we followed and used that to connect what he was teaching. This made his sessions relatable. The complete focus on the field of sports was great. We did have a general idea about merchandising and licensing prior to his master class, but he really went in-depth about the sports industry, making it interesting.

Bookish knowledge is one thing, but being able to simulate situations, especially in the presence of an expert in that field, is better and much more engaging.


On March 08, 2019, Mr. Rousseau headlined a webinar for current and prospective students that provided useful insights on Sports Merchandising. Attendees discovered how Merchandising fits into the spectrum of Sports Management and how they can pursue a lucrative career in it.

Key Takeaways

  • Introduction to Sports Merchandising
  • Requirements for merchandising success
  • The 4 ‘W’s of Merchandising – WHAT to sell, WHEN to sell, WHERE to sell, and WHO to sell to
  • Product, Cross-Channel, and Customer strategies
  • Development of licensing partnerships
  • Use of technology in sports

You can watch the webinar below.

About Christophe Rousseau

Mr. Christophe Rousseau has over 20 years of experience in sports marketing, sports licensing and merchandising, and retail and venue merchandising. He launched the SPORTEM conference in Lille in 2015, which is now recognized as one of the main sports marketing events in France and Western Europe. He is currently a visiting faculty member at MBA ESG, India and teaches Sports Merchandising.

Author: Abhishek