Unmissable Sports Events This Summer of 2024

It’s an action-packed and thrilling summer for the sports industry. The year of the Olympics, two Cricket world cups, a European Championship, iconic Tennis grand slams, and more. An unforgettable summer of moments of absolute joy, unity, and excitement. 2024 promises an array of major sporting events that are set to celebrate athletic excellence.

As these major summer sports events unfold to captivate a global audience, in this article we bring you some of the most unmissable sporting events of the 2024 summer.

Mark your calendar: 2024 summer sporting events

1. Football: UEFA European Championship’24

When: 14 June to 14 July, 2024 | Where: Across Germany

A global football extravaganza that captivates global audiences, this season is scheduled to start in June. The UEFA Championships this season will see participation from 24 national teams from Europe. Playing across the picturesque and historically rich landscape of Germany. This year’s defending champions are Italy eager to regain their title. Other teams to watch out for are Spain, England, Portugal, France, and Belgium.

Fans are already claiming host country Germany along with France and Spain as leading contenders to win the title this year. What makes UEFA truly unique is the mix of defending champions from the last few years, its ability to bring out the dark horses, and fans’ perennial favourites. Every single match is a sold-out event for football fans to witness live sporting glory and history being made.

This leading European football event is often considered to be a tournament to celebrate athletic skills and a matter of national pride for each participating team.

2. Tennis: Prestigious Wimbledon 2024

When: 1 July, 2024 to 14 July, 2024 | Where: Wimbledon, UK

The grandest of the grand slams is undoubtedly the Wimbledon championship in the sport of Tennis. Scheduled for 1 July 2024 this summer, this prestigious tournament is where many Tennis legends have made history. Key dates to remember for the tournament are when the players enter the semi-finals and finals. Semi-finals start from 11th July onwards, making 11-14 July crucial dates that are guaranteed to offer you high-stakes matches.

Get ready to experience the showcase of impeccable finesse, endurance, and determination during this coveted title championship. As we will witness the new players take on the world’s elite players like Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, and Rafael Nadal.

3. All sports: The 2024 Olympics

When: 26 July, 2024 to 11 August, 2024 | Where: Paris, France

The most awaited summer sports event for the year is the return of the Olympic games. This will be the 23rd Olympiad game that will highlight multiple sports and athletes as they set new records.

What can you expect?

Spectacular grand opening and closing ceremonies that bring lighting to the participating countries, sporting events, and athletes. A sporting event with outstanding athletic performances and international solidarity. The Olympics and Paralympics games will host sporting events ranging from traditional sports like athletics, swimming, and cycling to new inclusions like sports climbing and surfing. You can expect over 500 athletes to partake in this Olympics, with the United States expected to bring the largest athlete delegation to the Paris Olympics.

Each Olympic event is not just an international platform for competitive sports, but a vibrant and unique celebration of sportsmanship, uniting us all in a shared experience of excellence and inspiration.

4. Cricket: T20 Cricket World Cup

When: 1 June, 2024 to 29 June, 2024 | Where: West Indies + US

A cricket fan? There is something for you too this summer -The ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024. This edition of T20 International cricket is going global with matches scheduled in the United States and across West Indies. There will be around 55 total matches over the month of June, with finals in Barbados.

England is the defending champion who will face tough competition from other leading national teams of India, Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand amongst others. A debutant to the T20 format this year will be Uganda reflecting on the growing appeal of cricket globally.
Known for its fast-paced, thrilling, and energetic format, the T20 World Cup captures and attracts a wide global audience. In its compact time frame, it offers many displays of intense competition, decade-long rivalry between teams, and exceptional performance from players.

5. Formula 1: The British Grand Prix

When: 4 July, 2024 to 27 July, 2024 | Where: Silverstone, UK + Budapest, Hungary + Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium

Nothing speaks thrill in sports more than F1 racing. And this summer brings us the spectacular British Grand Prix. First held in 1926, it took another few years to make this a regular affair every year as the FIA Formula One World Championship since 1950. It’s a prestigious event that starts at Silverstone, home to the British Grand Prix and a former World War II airfield.

What to expect?

24 scheduled races, 3 historic circuits across 3 global cities, multiple legendary rivals, a lot of high-speed racing, and an electrifying atmosphere. A global sport that demonstrates the collaborative power of engineering marvels + athletic capabilities. Mark your calendar to witness the collective impact of speed, innovation, and a drive for excellence in wheels.

With new technological updates, this sport has seen increased competition among drivers and teams. Each race becomes a new test of innovation and disruption in strategy and speed.

6. Cycling: Tour De France

When: 29 June, 2024 to 21 July, 2024 | Where: Florance, Italy to Nice, France

A sporting tournament that truly takes you on a journey to the most historic locations in Europe, Tour De France is one of the most iconic athletic events globally. The tournament will cover close to 3492 km set over 21 stages. Cycling across Italy, San Marino, and France. Cyclists will travel across the scenic routes of the Apennines, the Alps, the Massif Central, and the Pyrenees.

What makes Tour De France iconic in sporting terms is along with scenic routes, it brings unique riding challenges for the athletes. These routes are a blend of picturesque beauty and rigorous challenges testing the true endurance, strength, and capabilities of the global cyclists.

This edition will be featuring leading cyclists like Peter Sagan, Mark Cavendish, Caleb Ewan, and others.

Other events to catch:

a. Golf – US Open – From 13-16 June.
b. Cycling – Tour De France Femmes – From 12-18 August.
c. Football – Women’s U19 Euro Championship – From 15-27 July

The summer lineup of these international sporting events will not only bring a boost to the local economies but also to the international markets. Brands are bringing these experiences to the audience sitting at home with the power of immersive technology. Amplifying engagement, fostering camaraderie, and transforming viewing experiences. Gear up for a summer packed with bustling fans, patrons, and sports enthusiasts. Across local pubs, sports clubs, online platforms, and screening venues.

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Author: Mankiran