Self-made women billionaires and entrepreneurs: Global Chapter

From our previous article that focused on the three women billionaires and self made entrepreneurs from India, we now look at the global front on leading women who are featured by Hurun. Hurun is known to deliver to the world a list of self made billionaires each year and this year they have released a list of 124 women billionaires and entrepreneurs across the world. This 124 name list contains almost two-thirds of the world’s self-made women billionaires from China (78 in number) and 3 from India.

The top three women on the self made women billionaires and entrepreneurs list are from China,

  • Wu Yajun, who is the co-founder of Longfor, Beijing based property developer with a known net worth of close to $17 billion.

  • Fan Hongwei, presently the Chairman and President, Hengli Petrochemical Co Ltd with a net worth of close to $13 billion.

  • Wang Laichun of Luxshare Precision Industry with a net worth close to $10 billion.

Here are a few unique women who have made their own journey into the world of start-ups, established businesses and brands to crave their own path and become inspiration globally for millions of women:

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Whitney Wolfe Herd
Known to be the founder and leading lady of the world known and popular dating application named Bumble, Whitney is an American entrepreneur. Founder and CEO of Bumble, an online dating platform started in 2014, she was also the vice president of marketing at Tinder.

Her entrepreneurship journey started early from her college days where she started a business selling bamboo tote bags to benefit areas affected by the BP oil spill. She co-founded ‘Help Us Project’. Her second business was named ‘Tender Heart’, a clothing line to raise awareness around human trafficking and fair trade. In 2014, Herd founded Bumble – a female focused dating application and by 2015 the application reached over 15 million conversations and 80 million matches.

She was featured in Business Insider’s 30 Most Important Women under 30 in Tech in 2014 and Forbes 30 under 30 in 2017 and 2018. By 2020 Bumble had over 100 million users worldwide and the brand topped $13 billion in valuation after listing shares on the Nasdaq exchange.

She is known to be the world’s youngest self made female billionaire after taking Bumble public.

Melanie Perkins
Co-founder and CEO of Canva, Perkins is one of the youngest female CEO’s of a tech start-up that is valued over $1 billion. She is known to be one of Australia’s richest women.

Perkins has been the name behind raising a disruptive online design and publishing tool, Canva. It has been growing rapidly since its first launch in 2013 and is helping as well as empowering millions of people across the globe to build, create, design and reach their goals without hindrance. From building an impactful resume, to creating simple marketing creatives – Canva has it all to help you take your career off the ground.

Prior to Canva, Perkins founded her first company, Fusion Books, an online design system made for schools to create their yearbooks. They are now the largest yearbook publishers in Australia and have recently expanded to France and New Zealand. With her graphic design brand, Canva, reaching a $40 billion valuation in the last quarter of 2021, the entrepreneur became one of the world’s richest women.

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Sherly Sandberg
The Chief Operating Officer at Meta Platforms and founder of, Sandberg is an American business executive and a known philanthropist, apart from being a billionaire.
In 2012, she became the first woman to serve the board for Facebook, now known as Meta.

Prior to working with Facebook, she was the vice president of Global Online Sales and Operations at Google, a management consultant with McKinsey & Company and an economist with the World Bank. She is known to have received a BA summa cum laude from Harvard University and an MBA  from Harvard Business School.

Since her present position at Meta, she is known to have dramatically increased the social media firm’s revenue. She is the face behind Facebook positioned as a platform for small businesses to advertise – a tactic that helped the brand to increase ad revenue by 21% during 2020 to close to $84.2 billion.

She is an author of the bestsellers, Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead and Lean In for Graduates and also the co-author of Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy. She also serves on the boards of Women for Women International, ONE and Momentive along with running a nonprofit organization .

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Meg Whitman
Whitman is most popularly known to take eBay from $5.7 million to $8billion in sales as its CEO from 1998-2008. She is an American business executive and a former political candidate.

In her career journey Whitman has served as the CEO of Hewlett-Packard from 2011-2015, presently sits on board for Procter & Gamble and Dropbox. Her career also involved working with The Walt Disney Company, where she was the vice president for Strategic Planning through the 1980’s.

In her career journey spread across a decade with eBay, she oversaw the expansion of the brand from 30 to more than 15,000 employees and from $4 million in annual revenue to $8 billion in annual revenue.

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She was named 20th in Forbes list of the 100 Most Powerful Women in the World.

In 2018 she is known to have invested in an LA based esports company, Immortals LLC and is a member on the board.

Few other known and celebrated names included in the list for the first time were that of reality TV personality and socialite Kim Kardashian, with an estimated net worth US$2billion credited to her beauty brand KKW Beauty. Another one includes the famous pop singer Rihanna, joining the list with her label Fenty Beauty for the first time with net worth close to US$1billion.

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