MBA after B Tech – Top specializations to pursue

Being armed with a degree in MBA after B.Tech lays a solid foundation in business ideas, which is highly valued by today’s employers. It also offers up additional global opportunities for advancement, as most organizations place a high value on an MBA degree. Engineers with an MBA get a higher salary than those in other fields. The average price for an engineering student is around 11 lakh, but if they combine degrees from the most sought-after colleges, the package jumps to 18 lakh for freshers. As a result, from the perspective of the business sector, the market has always prized a strong mix of technological and managerial skills.
An MBA, or Master of Business Administration, is a worldwide recognized master’s level degree. It is usually a two-year curriculum that attempts to make a candidate more adept in all aspects of management as well as an expert in a certain specialization. Choosing a concentration is essential because recruiters come to campus looking for students with specific talents rather than general managerial skills.

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We have compiled a list of the most popular and in-demand MBA specializations in today’s market.

MBA in Luxury Management

In the days of yore, luxury was a privilege only a select few were able to afford in India. As such, there was no significant need for luxury managers. Today, luxury is no longer exclusive to the rich and famous; it’s accessible to a large number of people. Leisure, beauty, automobiles, jewelry, fashion, gastronomy, and many more fields now include an element of luxury. They are appealing to a new market consisting of the working middle class. This trend has created numerous jobs in luxury management and a need for experienced managers in the luxury industry.

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MBA in Sports Management

With India emerging as the hub for professional sports, both traditional and non-traditional, there is a growing demand for quality, talented sports management professionals to manage players and the business surrounding them. Major leagues with corporate sponsorships, such as ISL, PBL, IHL, Pro Kabaddi, are finding a sizable audience and are on the path to becoming dominant sports themselves. This emergent trend will offer abundant opportunities for economic growth and employment in the future. This is why doing an MBA after B.Tech is considered powerful.

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MBA in Digital Business

The MBA in Digital Business program will help students emerge into well-rounded professionals ready to take up challenges of the industry in diverse areas from retail to manufacturing to the service sector. The combination of subjects is designed to instill a multidisciplinary approach and thus train students to take up the mantle in global businesses. The program will equip the students to develop into top-notch professionals or entrepreneurs in their chosen area.

MBA in Fashion Management

Fashion is a combination of both creativity and business. The management aspect of that business necessitates a thorough understanding of both sides. An MBA in Fashion Management will most likely equip you with the skills needed to manage to buy and sell the fashion industry, as well as organizational dynamics, communication, virtual sales and service, textiles, and other topics. The advantages of such a program are likely to help you in both your professional and personal life. It’s possible that you’ll pick up skills like brand management, organization, and budgeting. This will answer your question as to why you should do an MBA after B.Tech.

MBA in Healthcare Management

In recent years, the MBA in Healthcare Management has become one of the most popular MBA specializations. With India aiming to catch up to other countries in terms of healthcare, hospital and healthcare facility management has become increasingly important. Non-medico professionals now have a variety of job and career options. This is also considered to be one of the new-age and best MBA courses to do after B.Tech.

The overall management of a clinic, hospital or other healthcare facility is known as healthcare management. The facility’s flawless operation is overseen by a healthcare manager with an MBA. He is in charge of the facility’s day-to-day operations, the budget, the practitioners’ ambitions, and the community’s requirements. To be able to accomplish these tasks effectively, one must have the necessary training and direction. The course that promises to develop such Healthcare Management specialists is the MBA in Healthcare Management.

Author: Abhishek