Luxury Retailing Management

Luxury Retailing Management – Guest Lecture

The Luxury Retailing Management master classes were held between April 01, 2019 and April 05, 2019.


The retail management elective was really commendable. Mrs. Virginie Desse was quite knowledgeable about what she was teaching. She was well-prepared to deliver the best.

As a person, she was really down to earth. She has her own business where she helps other businesses develop their retailing strategies. She was more energetic than the students and was immensely successful in developing our love and passion for the subject.

She focused more on learning and interactive sessions rather than assessments and assignments.

Her presentation included more statistics than text, which we thought was unconventional. However, she later explained the importance of the numbers and percentages.

Her sessions involved role-playing activities where students had to don the role of real professionals and handle the given situation(s) on their own. This gave us real-time experience and allowed us to think beyond our usual capacity. The most positive aspect was that she encouraged every thought of every student.

Her theory and concepts were based totally on real-world experiences. We would have loved if Mrs. Desse could’ve shared her retailing experiences with us a little more.

She focused more on learning and interactive sessions rather than assessments and assignments. She wanted to share as much as possible in the five days she was with us. Apart from the main subject, she showed us the tactics to clear interviews with luxury companies.

The session needs no improvement as it was a whole package of knowledge.


Mrs. Desse held a webinar on the Strategic Distribution for the Luxury Retail Market on April 04, 2019. The webinar provided useful insights on Luxury Retailing. It also aimed to show how Retailing fits into the spectrum of Luxury Management and how students can pursue a lucrative career in it.

Key Takeaways

  • Different channels of distribution for luxury goods.
  • How to choose the best retail/wholesale network? Strengths and weakness of each.
  • Kering and Louis Vuitton E-commerce strategy?
  • Why luxury e-commerce brands are opening physical stores?

You can watch the webinar below.

About Virginie Desse

Mrs. Desse has over 35 years of experience in the luxury industry. Her expertise includes business development, driving wholesale and retail businesses, negotiation, setting-up of international distributors, department store budgeting, P&N, brand awareness, communication, and marketing tools. Currently, Mrs. Desse heads Retail Bespoke Consulting, a business developer in the Luxury industry. She is also one of the visiting faculty for Luxury Retailing Management at MBA ESG, India.

Author: Abhishek