Introductory Session on Global Luxury Management

Introductory Session on Global Luxury Management

An introductory session packed with information on the global luxury management by Mr. Karim Bouhajeb, faculty at MBA ESG Paris. He has over 25 years of rich experience in this niche industry, which only goes to say how much we could and did benefit from the week-long session. The session concluded with an industry visit for real-life and hands-on experience at UB City. It was the quintessence of his entire professional experience in this field which we lapped up ravenously.
Feedback from our students.

Jasleen Kaur, an aspiring student, summarised the session aptly by describing it as, “A very informative, intricate, and detailed study of the luxury industry including the history of brands that helped us understand and connect with our core subjects. A varied selection of knowledge-based sessions carried out by him following up with hands-on experience in the market. Overall, a very inspiring and top-notch learning session.”

Aditi Mittal, who is interested in brand management had this to say, “The session was full of in-depth knowledge about the luxury industry. History has always been boring, but his involvement with the subject and passion towards inculcating that knowledge into us was commendable. In a short span of time, he shared his 25 years of experience. The whole study has created huge interest within us.”

Shamsia, interested in a career in retail luxury management expressed her experience in these words, “It was really a splendid presentation which exposed us to the luxury industry and we benefited from his work experience and views on the industry. Also, the real-time activity conducted was helpful in understanding how the field works. We look forward to having many such informative sessions in the future.”

Rohit Rathod, who is here to sharpen and enhance his knowledge and skills in the luxury sector reminiscences, “The sessions with Karim were something which we never could have imagined. His in-depth knowledge and experience was really inspiring. Above all, he took us out of the class to actually interact with professionals from the industry, which gave us a rough idea about the Indian market of fashion luxury. Hope we get many such sessions.”

Author: Abhishek