Infinito- Sports to brighten the lives of children

Spastics Disability

Spastics is a kind of dysfunctional muscle function resulting in damage to the brain, spinal cord and motor nerves creating a condition such as Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis (stroke). Spastic disabilities include intellectual disability, seizures, physical sensations, and other medical abnormalities. Spastic disability generally provides hearing and speech problems.

Causes of spastic disability- Injuries restricting the supply of oxygen or toxic metals such as lead entering the food chain causing neural damage or unhygienic birth leading to bacterial meningitis and viral encephalitis causing brain lesions.

The Light in the Darkness- Spastics Society of Karnataka

The situation in India is grave, with nearly 15-20% of physically disabled children being affected by Cerebral Palsy, and the incidence of Cerebral Spastics has remained grave for the past 20 years.

It is said that children are the future of the country. But how to ensure a bright future without healthy children? And what about those who are rendered disabled by a cursed disease?

Well, the healing touch in this country is being provided by the Spastics Societies in India, who are taking care of the special population and ensuring that the gifts of life are enjoyed by them equally, making them self-reliant and enabling them to perform routine activities with ease.

At the forefront of this humanitarian movement is the Spastics Society of Karnataka (Centre for Developmental Disabilities) who are providing diagnosis, rehabilitation services and therapeutics for brightening up the lives of Spastics. To increase consciousness about the disease and the cure, SSK arranges special education, vocational training, and professional courses.

The Event- Infinito


To provide the children from the Spastics Society of Karnataka with a joyful experience to play multiple sports in a single day. To support the SSK children’s interactions with the MBA ESG students who will provide information on different sports and how they should be played.

Through this event and other events organised during the academic years, we are aiming to induce the virtues of active citizenship in our students and inculcate the value of giving back to society. Our students are continually motivated to think outside their own small world and contribute to the welfare of society in general.

MBA ESG’s Commitment

MBA ESG believes in the concept of inclusivity and equity when it comes to enjoying the beauty of life and hence has partnered with SSK to provide the spastics about information of different sports and how they should be played. Playing a sport helps in boosting self-confidence among children. On this Children’s Sports Day, MBA ESG sports management student organisers will create a platform for the children of SSK to learn about sports and games, showcase their talents and involve themselves in the fun-filled sports field.

MBA-ESG’s entire curriculum is integrated with industry event organisation. Our learning is not just limited to textbooks or classrooms and a major part of the pedagogy involves learning by doing.

The outcome of the event

300 students of the Spastics Society of Karnataka will participate and enjoy the Sports event on the occasion of Children’s Day.

The Colours of Life

Event Flow

8 Am to 9:30 Am

Time to Set Up the Different Stations.

10 Am to 11 Am


20 Kids with Mixed Disabilities Aged 4 To 7 Years. (Indoor)

Hopscotch, Bowling, Tic Tac Toe, Segregation Games, Cup Stacking.


38 Students with Intellectual Challenges Aged 14 To 20 Years. (Indoor and Outdoor)

Outdoor – Dodge Ball (With Volunteers Inside Circle), Cricket, Football, Athletic, Basketball, Obstacle Course

Indoor – Carrom, Tennikoit Ring Game, Cup Stacking.

Author: Abhishek