Industry Expert – Academia Interface




India’s premier B-school MBAESG connects our Management students to Industry leaders in our specialized domains. This is part and parcel of our unique French pedagogy to enhance and develop the skill set of our students.

Sebastjan Komel, CEO of Padukone-Dravid Centre of Sports Excellence, visited MBAESG campus as a part of the Industry Expert – Academia Interface. Students from the MBA Sports Management program received insightful information on the booming career opportunities in Venue Management and the remarkable growth of the sports sector in India.

Check out this video to know about Sebastjan’s take on the prospects of doing an MBA in Sports Management and why it is vital to strengthen our academic background with a specialized degree from a global B-school.

MBAESG, French Business School, strives to create employable professionals who the industry will readily absorb upon graduation. As a part of the program and development of the skills required by the industry, we engage with top leaders in respective domains.

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Author: Abhishek