how to become a chief of reception

How to Become a Chief of Reception?

A hotel is a busy establishment that never closes its doors. There’s always a flurry of guests at odd times who have to be attended to. They have to be attended to with patience, courtesy, and friendliness. Not only that, employees who are assigned these tasks have to be managed efficiently to ensure guests are satisfied with the service. This is handled by the Chief of Reception.
Many would be under the impression that anything involved with “reception” automatically means “receptionist”. Well, it isn’t so. The Chief of Reception is a managerial position that involves more than just meeting and greeting guests at the front desk. It is an interesting role with a lot of operational and administrative responsibilities.

Roles and responsibilities

The primary tasks of a Chief of Reception involve the following,

  • Supervising tasks at the front desk/reception and ensure they are completed to organizational standards
  • Maintaining courteous customer relations
  • Handling customer complaints, disputes, and queries
  • Developing strategies to improve business, customer relations, and employee morale
  • Monitoring hotel activities to ascertain everything is running smoothly
  • Inspecting hotel facilities for safety and cleanliness
  • Preparing budgets and reports
  • Hiring, training, and managing new employees

Skills required

Outstanding customer service is the main skill required for a Chief of Reception. As the role involves working at the front desk or reception, they should possess excellent leadership skills. They should also be able to understand and resolve customer issues in a fair and friendly way. Having a keen eye for detail is another important skill that comes in handy for a Chief of Reception. Since this is a customer-facing role, communication and interpersonal skills are a must.

Educational qualifications

Since a Chief of Reception has a diverse array of responsibilities and those working as one should be aptly skilled to manage day-to-day operations, a mere high school diploma will not suffice. They should be highly-qualified in hotel management or a related field. Hence a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in hotel or hospitality management is a must for candidates.

Along with the degree, it is recommended to have a good amount of experience in the field. The experience will help you get accustomed to the fast pace of the role and constant demands of guests and customers. Internships in Hospitality Management are a great way to get your start in the industry.


The Chief of Reception is a managerial position that involves a plethora of duties. Therefore, the salary too lies in that bracket. Receptionists make, on an average, around INR 1,55,000 per year whereas a Chief of Reception makes an average of INR 3,02,225 per year. In this role, salaries can go up to about INR 8,45,000 per year if you possess relevant experience.

The MBA in Hospitality Management from MBA ESG trains you for a rewarding career in the industry. It gives you the opportunity to explore different avenues and choose your niche. The hands-on training and industry experience further make the program highly relevant for aspiring hospitality management enthusiasts.

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