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Fashion Marketing: Expectation VS Reality

Targeted paid advertising and business-to-consumer engagement opportunities are instrumental in building brand awareness, developing customer loyalty and driving sales for a newly launched fashion brand.

However, we lose our individuality while following certain fashion if we entirely depend on its popularity. That way it works against our sense of style and personalities instead of amplifying or upgrading our looks.

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Fashion is a personal yet social, cultural and worldly choice. When it comes to choosing the right look for us, a lot of expectation and aspiration starts popping up on our minds. We feel happy when a certain look we expect to get meets our needs and we feel disappointed if our expectations don’t meet the reality. At times emergence of numerous new styles makes it difficult for us to choose the right fashion, leaving us thrilled and anxious as buyers.

Here’re a few examples, where our expectations may fail to meet the reality, while following a new trend.  These examples would help us to understand fashion in a better manner and to decide what exactly works for us when it comes to meticulously following a new as well as popular trend, depending entirely on its marketing.

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 Expectation: Premier brands come with better quality.

We usually think that goods from premier brands demand more price and if we are paying the high amount for it, it means the assurance that the fashion apparel or accessories in our hands are of greater quality.

 Reality: Some Fashion trends are priced beyond logic.

We realize the look we are exploring is needlessly overpriced and demanding unnecessary extra money that is not correlated to its fashion, material or design. It is usually the outcome of marketing gimmick or pointless hype created by certain brands.

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 Expectation: New style always brings newness to look and wardrobe.

With the arrival of a new trend in the market, we tend to anticipate freshness and excitement. We feel excited to experience new designs, hoping they would change our entire look in no time.

 Reality: The previous style was more comfortable both look wise and pricewise.

Sometimes, a new trend might look exciting to us initially, but after a certain point we badly miss the look and feel of the former fashion we used to follow. While thinking about the fit or function or the fabric of the new look, it should please us as wearer, creating a sense of individuality in us with the remembrance of the bygone trend.  If we are not able to feel that comfort or confidence after pursuing it, then probably the new look is not for us. If it’s inconvenient to handle and carry, then we don’t feel our unique individuality in the new look, turning it into an uncomfortable and self-conscious task.

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Expectation: Expecting everyone will notice or appreciate the upgraded look.

Definitely our hard work and timely knowledge into a style upgrade deserve attention of people, but at times we may act as over fashion sensational or self-proclaimed fashion experts after a wardrobe alteration; just because the new trend is popular by majority of people around us and many are talking about their positive experiences pursuing it.

 Reality: We realize nobody is appreciating us for the changed look.

We realize nobody really pays attention to our latest trend and style upgrade, and people around us are least bothered about our changed in look; rather they’re reminding us of the previous look we used to carry with comfort and grace. For examples denims in 1960s were boxy and cuffed and as the decades passed, they became more casual, fitted and embellished. While some changed their style according to the changed trend, some were seen holding on the same 1960s style as per their level of comfort.

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No matter how good a brand’s buzz value is or how convincing their business-to-consumer engagement is, before opting for new look, we should have a sense of set priorities; priorities that best suit our convenience and comfort without making us lose on the core.

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