Fashion Copywriting

Fashion Copywriting: Tips on how to write interesting product descriptions

A popular fashion brand just doesn’t become successful overnight. It is not only the quality of product that makes a fashion brand popular among its target customers. How one’s products are promoted is another crucial factor that decides the value of a brand.
The world is going through a shift from physical to digital. In times when it gets difficult for customers to visit a showroom to try their desired apparel, they opt for online shopping. Therefore, it is essential for fashion brands to give their target customers a similar experience while marketing their products.

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Here are a few tips on how to write catchy fashion product description to communicate the product’s value and the story behind the product to your customer for maximum benefits.

Write for your idea customer

It is important for the writer to know who their ideal customers are. The clothing or jewellery description that the target customers will read are actually the ones that address them directly and personally. By visualizing the conversation a seller would usually have with the customer at the showroom and writing the descriptions based on that would help get a clear idea about a “to the point” description.

Use the 3 C method: Concise, Convenient & Complete

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Be concise

The writer needs to be concise about the description he or she is going to write in order to market a particular fashion product. Be as clear as possible while writing about the specifications and features of your product. Avoid Using Jargon in the product name/title as far as possible. Avoid using too many, too few words to communicate the intended message and emotion.

Make the description convenient to read

Make sure the words you are using to describe your fashion product captivate the customers and appeal their senses.

Make it complete

While writing your product description you should ask yourself one question. Is your description able to communicate what can’t be seen from the product image? Because how you describe the products is the way through which the ideal customers can visualize themselves wearing the fashion product. The target customer should have the feel and comfort of the product through your description.
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Stay on top of the trends

To inject seasonal inspiration into your copy and to project the product as in-vogue, product description writers should keep themselves updated with the content of popular and the latest fashion magazines. Being updated with the latest trend will help you create a standardized language for key looks for multiple product categories you write about.
Familiarize yourself with Fashion Copywriting Lingo
If you’re projecting yourself as a popular fashion brand, it’s important that you familiarize yourself with the popular fashion lingo. Here are some of the commonly used lingos used by fashion brands:

  • Haute couture: Haute couture is a French term to describe high fashion. If an item is characterized as “haute couture,” it means that it’s custom-made. Haute couture connotes exclusivity, and one-of-a-kind clothes made from the finest quality materials.
  • Prêt-à-porter: Prêt-à-porter means ready-to-wear. This term is usually used in popular designer collections. Examples of popular prêt-à-porter designers include Jean-Paul Gaultier, Coco Chanel, Versace Gucci etc.
  • Faux pas: A faux pas is a blunder that can occur in any social setting including fashion. In other words, it’s an error that should be avoided at all cost.
  • Glitterati: Glitterati is a term used to describe people who tend to be well-dressed & usually referred to as the elite.
  • Passé: The term passé is used to describe something that was once in style but no longer is; basically, it’s a thing of the past.

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Use compelling adjectives
While your customers can not touch and feel the product online, adjectives infused in the online description can help them imagine the product and from the description they make their mind about the product, and how it would look on them.  Right use of adjectives can dramatically influence the customer’s desire to purchase your fashion product. For example, to show ethnic women’s wear collection on your product page, you can use words like elegant, royal, romantic, alluring, graceful etc.
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While running an Online Fashion Store or marketing the fashion products of brands online, it’s crucial for retailers to understand that ultimately it’s about selling. They spend money on inventory, building a website, fulfillment, and marketing to bring people to their website, only to show them their products.
The above mentioned tips have been proven to be deal breakers for fashion brands and should be considered before writing descriptions to be able to reach maximum number of target customers online.

Author: Abhishek