Academics professor

Dr. Srinivasan’s main areas of Interest are Strategy & innovation. An accomplished people-oriented professional with over 2 decades of rich & extensive experience.    Having 9+ years of experience in the industry, his last profile in the industry was Asst- Vice President (Business Development). He has over 10+ years of experience in academics delivering high-impact quality education to post-graduate students, conducting educational assessment and building student relations and he has mentored 1000’s MBA students to excel in their work/life goals.

Dr. Srinivasan’s research interests are in two partly overlapping domains – Entrepreneurship and Social Networks. In Entrepreneurship, his interests are in both low and high technology firms in India. Within the Social Network domain, he is interested in understanding the influence of social capital on the performance of entrepreneurs and teams. He studies how individuals interact and utilize their networks in complex and uncertain situations.

He is currently writing a book on “Business Planning and Entrepreneurship”.

He has an e-filed patent on –  “Artificial Intelligence -Enabled Adaptive Learning Systems”

Education :

BE – Mechanical

MBA- Marketing



Ph-D in Entrepreneurship from Bangalore University.

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