E-commerce for sports

E-commerce for Sports

MBAESG is extremely happy to have on broad, renowned Industry expert Tirdiv Das, CEO, Creative Factor Integrated Marketing, for an enriching Industry-Academic Interface on E-commerce for Sports.
Students of MBAESG, French Business School, get to take away amazing sweepstakes from professionals across the globe to amp up their knowledge from actual leaders & industry players.

Soumyanil Chakraborty, Year 2, MBA Sports Management student, shared his thoughts on the ongoing session at our campus.

“The session seems to be very interesting and insightful. We mainly learned about the e-commerce market and how the sports industry is making inroads into it. The current session is centered around e-commerce, ranging across topics like marketing, supply chain, and logistics management. There was also a group activity wherein we had to compare e-commerce and physical stores. Researching about the two types of retail and listing their pros and cons was quite interesting.”

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Author: Abhishek