Ctrl+Alt+Shift-8 weeks of transformation journey; New dimensions and perspectives

MBAESG India is launching the Pre Semester Workshops.

The workshops aim to provide the foundation knowledge and orientation required for a smooth transition of students from different backgrounds into the MBA-ESG program.

The speakers and the workshop hosts are distinguished industry leaders and pivotal entities in the Sports, luxury, and Fashion Domain. The sessions are held to acquaint you with different aspects of the Luxury/Fashion/Sports domain and the MBA-ESG courses, so that you can visualize the journey with MBA-ESG and assess the prospects of the course and our school even before your kickstart your academic journey with us.

You meet the existing students at MBA-ESG and interact with Indian and international faculties, leading industry experts, and the Dean. It is a golden chance to interact with industry leaders in the sports/luxury/fashion fields and develop new dimensions and perspectives.

Multiple inspiring and informative workshops are awaiting your presence

Modules under the theme Ctrl+Alt+Shift- New Dimensions and Perspectives

Module 1: C-Suite interactions. Conversations Over Coffee

Module 2: C’ est la vie- Such is life- Unleash your potential

Module 3: Pre-Semester Workshops; Trailblazers: 30 under 30

Author: Abhishek