Cest la vie- Such is life

MBAESG India is kickstarting its pre-semester workshops.
The modules allow students to equip themselves with the foundation structure of the programs.
Experts from the Sports, Luxury, and fashion domains would be enriching your workshop experience.

Three modules have been devised for such sessions

Module :c’est la vie – such is life

Unleash your potential

Every Friday: 10 AM to 12 PM

Speaker: Jayashree Marakini Braganza

The sessions will allow you to delve deeper into your hidden potentials and treasures inside and help you unleash them. You would be acquainted with various aspects of life-building skills and how to bring out the hidden treasures within you.

Jayashree Marakini Braganza, the speaker, has been the Ambassador, Team, and Group Coaching Community of Practice, ICF. She helps understand emotions from a rational perspective during her sessions and find newer possibilities in life. A class apart psychoanalyst, she has been instrumental in transforming the lives of hundreds of people. She prepares candidates to develop new perspectives and make appropriate decisions in their careers.

For this transformative session, all you need to do is to be present at our campus.

MBA ESG is committed to bring excellence in the employable scenario of luxury and fashion sectors by producing management professionals who can lead these sectors and provide massive growth to the luxury brands in the country and abroad. Join our MBA in Luxury Brand Management.

Author: Abhishek