Alternate thinking

c’est la vie – such is life. Alternate thinking & shift in perspective

MBAESG India is extremely proud to kickstart the Pre Semester Workshops. These informative modules will allow students to equip themselves with the basic foundational structure of the programs.
Our speakers consist of world-class Industry Champions in the Sports, Luxury & Fashion domain, to enrich your workshop experience.

This is your chance to catch industry leaders 1-on-1 and walk away with enhanced skillsets.

This deep-dive curriculum walk-through will enable you to visualize YOUR journey with MBAESG India before the semester even starts.

A bunch of exciting and informative workshops is coming your way!

Our theme: Ctrl Alt Shift – New Dimensions & New Perspectives – Your Transformation Begins Here

Upcoming Workshop:

Module: c’est la vie – such is life. Alternate thinking & shift in perspective

Date: June 25
Time: 10 am to 12 pm
Speaker: Swati Sharma, Executive & Life Coach

C’est la vie – such is life. Alternate thinking & shift in perspective

Now, you may ask what does this even mean. How is it important to us? Why should we attend this?
These 8 weeks will open a window for you to peek within yourself. As you slowly and slowly begin to know yourself better, it will change the way you see things, see others, respond to situations, and discover a new perspective to lead your life.

It is a journey we onboard together. It is an opportunity to scuba dive into the deep ocean that lies in each of us and see our hidden treasures. It is to look at ourselves with fresh eyes, to celebrate our uniqueness. It is a forum to ask questions, ask for help when needed, scratch our heads together, discuss, debate, share, have fun, and repeat! As we come to the end of 8 weeks, you would have discovered a new perspective to look at and lead your life at the very least.

All you need to do is to be present!

Session 1
Calling out the elephant in the room
– Your challenges and frustrations at the moment
– Deciphering life balance
– What do you need for yourself now?
– To Control or Not to Control

Session 2
My dreams will not collapse
– Forging my path in the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world
– Opportunities in Adversities
– Hello Affirmations

Session 3
Being ‘YOU’
– Who am I?
– What’s my element?
– What’s my ‘Why’?

Session 4
Awakening Within
– Listening to the Voice Within
– Understanding 4 levels of consciousness
– Mindfulness 1.0

Session 5
No one knows it all
– Strength in Vulnerability
– It’s ok to not be ok
– Goodbye Gremlins

Session 6
Resilience, the true currency
– We can and we will
– Building Communities
– Understanding Universal Cycle of Change

Session 7
Rite of Passage
– What we missed?
– What are my Values?
– Emotions – Name it to tame it

Session 8
Finding True Meaning
– Be Believe Become
– Acknowledging your Transformation
– An Attitude of Gratitude

Don’t forget to catch Swati Sharma’s session every Friday!

Author: Abhishek